Genki breakdown?

So I started Genki 1 like 2 months ago(Actually like 6, but I procrastinated a bunch), and now on chapter 6 with a what I’d say fairly good grasp on everything so far, but I feel like I’m going too slow. If anybody could give me a guide line and how long to do it daily, I’d very much appreciate it.

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There isn’t really a set guideline. It’s more: How much are you willing to study, or how much are you able to study a day.

Personally, I just get through as much as I can in a 30 minute period, write down newly introduced vocab, and review the grammar points I’d just gone through. Take a break, then do it again sometime later in the day.

TLDR; Go as slow or fast as you feel you need to. Whatever works for you. :relaxed:


I think Genki 1 should be done in a 3-6 months span (workbook included).
That it’s basically one chapter a week or even as little as one every two weeks.
It’s no fixed number by any means, but it’s very basic grammar that will let you start consuming other materials: graded readers, native (very basic) media, etc.
Besides that you run the risk to start forgetting last lesson when doing your next one. So it’s like one step ahead… and two backwards every week.

I don’t plan to demotivate you, but there’re very interesting things to do with grammar besides textbooks.

I posted a bit about my Genki routine here. Put yourself daily goals. Dividing each chapter into smaller chunks will prove very useful.

PS. After Genki I, my whole grammar routine has changed. You can check the recommendations people provided me here as well. Maybe some of those will be useful to you too.


Thanks so much! I’m not demotivated at all, so don’t worry about that, in fact a study guide helps so much more!

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I have a Anki deck of all the Genki Vocabulary if you want to try it out.

→ [Genki Complete Vocabulary]


Thanks so much, but I think I’m good because I use a good Memrise vocabulary thing. I have heard really good things about anki, are there any reasons why it’s better?

Because Anki is basically a mutable framework where you can do most anything you can think of while Memrise basically you can’t change the framework itself. But for vocab I’m not sure it matters too much.


I don’t recommend using these kind of Anki decks where you learn word by word… It would be better to learn the word in context which make it easier.

It’s like “する” which you can use to say “to do” or “to wear” =/

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Hey, pro advice. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion! :+1:

Good luck!

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