Finished Japanese from Zero until book 3, lesson 6. I am thinking of using Genki now

Hello everyone,

I used for my grammer Japanese from Zero, until book three lesson 6. Because I heard that Japanese from Zero doesn’t really cover all that is needed for the journey of learning Japanese, I was thinking of using Genki.

I read that Genki can be sometimes dull, but I am very, very motivated to learn Japanese. I will be an exchange student next year (September).

How many hours on a day do you spend on Genki? I have no school until September and work 3 days in a week. So I have 4 whole days to learn and I also want to study for 1 - 2 hours after work.

Is it feasible to finish at least Genki one (or both) before September, with the time I have?



I haven’t used Japanese from Zero but I have ended up using 2 different textbooks (Genki and Japanese for Busy People) and another grammar resource (grammar guides and glosses on Satori)

First is to decide why you’re moving on. If you’re making great progress with JFZ reconsider? Check out the table of contents for the rest of the series and compare it to Genki. Also, based on Genki s toc look at how much you’ve already covered in book 1. Make a decision based on your goals and what is actually covered compared to what you want, not what x person on the Internet says

If you swap, then what I found helpful was to just read straight through from the beginning and only review the entries for stuff you’ve covered (skip the exercises), and just focus most of your time on anything new. For me that was important at least, not to feel like I had to do everything, as that can get boring if you already know it.

Timing, yeah, you can definitely make it through Book 1 and maybe even much of book 2 in a few months if you’re consistent with that much time. Spend time on the reading and listening exercises, they are worth it! If you can’t do those then you know you need more practice on the exercises. It’s also worth staggering some things so you build on a bit of review. As in, while you’re studying vocab for chapter 6, you’re working on the exercises for ch 5 and reviewing anything that was tough in ch 3 etc

If you find yourself keeping to your schedule great! Just keep going. If not, add something like reading graded readers or anything related to your primary goal so you get to see what you’re learning in action and that can motivate you to keep going.

Good luck and above all have fun :smiling_face:


Good morning from the UK!

I used Japanese From Zero books one 1 through 5 then proceeded to go straight into Quartet books 1 then 2 without any issues. I’ve noticed in learning communities that JFZ tends to get a bit of a bad rap but I thought it was great and provided a fantastic foundation.

Also just as a reminder that all textbooks will be ‘missing something’ or ‘not cover everything’ at the particular N level they may be geared towards which is fine. They are there to provide you with a foundation to proceed into native material where the real learning begins.

Whichever direction you decide to take, good luck on your studies!


That’s so useful for OP

I wasn’t sure how far that series went but based on your experience I’d make my recommendation even stronger then for OP to reconsider this swap and just stick with JFZ. It sounds like OP is halfway through and Genki 1 could be really boring and repetitive in that case


Can really vouch for the benefits of using Genki :slight_smile:
Also, it’s became much more than a textbook, which is very convenient. Basically this textbook is so popular that many people have made great tools to go along it. Those tools are so great, that I ended up using them and not really opening the actual book anymore. (So basically you can skip the step where you buy the book and use the resources for free).

The way to do Genki, without buying Genki, is as follow.

For each lesson, first watch the video of TokiniAndy on youtube go through it:

Then do the exercises for the lesson on this website:

Then next lesson :slight_smile:

You could try it for lesson one and see how you like it :slight_smile: or do the exercises on the website until you find some that are hard for you and start from that lesson.


@danjrambo85 @mitrac

Thank you both for your input! I have decided to go on with my Japanese from Zero grammer book until the end. I am already very familiar with the learning style, and I took a quick look through the Genki books and the style is very different. When I am finished, maybe I will just look though the Genki (or any other grammer textbook) books if I missed some content or something and proceed further.

I didn’t know that JFZ provided so much that you could straight go into Quartet! This give me even more motivation.

Again, thank you very much!


I have no experience with Japanese from Zero but I found that Cure Dolly’s videos were a good complement on top of more traditional text books. She approaches the material from a very different angle.

As long as it teaches the basics correctly you don’t necessarily need another textbook. Some people like having textbooks with them for a long time (with genki + quartet + tobira + whatever) and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you can also just use them to get started with the basics and then move on to less directed study using something like bunpro and just reading stuff for instance.

Personally I found genki way too “high-schooly” for my taste but clearly many people have had good results with it.

Don’t get peer-pressured into changing your study habits if you feel like it’s working for you. Weebs online will always find something to criticize and tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

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I didn’t especially like Genki at all, but JFZ I love. Have you watched their videos? They have some good grammar ones either on the website (for a price) or, I think, they are on Youtube as well.