General feedback on the iPhone app and the web app

Just writing things that might or might not be registered, and also giving some tips on the app itself:

  1. Sometimes the iPhone app shows tiny kanji if I change between horisontal and vertical orientations.
  2. There is no ability to change how many new kanji I want to study on iPhone settings.
  3. The API key is not available on the mobile app. Need to go to the website
  4. Some entry mistakes, like entering romanji in kanji entries, are not registered on all words. e.g. entering NAKANAKA when asking for なかなか. Sometimes it works.
  5. Show the “did you know this word has other meaning?” to auto-show the meanings. Or, add a toggle to show/not-show
  6. The “add synonym” ADD icon is too small to easily hit on mobile
  7. Some entries do not have all of the necessary definitions for the word
  8. The mnemonics are often for an american audience so they do not always make that much sense. Keep the stories a bit more general for the international audience too.
  9. Sometimes Wanikani does not give me notifications on “new reviews available”. I have to start the app itself before it registers.
  10. The price of Wanikani is not mentioned in the App Store page, it should be.
  11. There is no FAQ on the iphone app, or a link to the FAQ. Or a guide on how to use the app.
    (12. Not sure but I think registering for Wanikani has to be done on a PC? I could remember wrong but would be nice on phone too. with a link to FAQ and Guide and all that necessary things. And the basics of Blue, Pink, Purple for all.)
  12. Settings of the app are not explained. Scripts/notifications/other.
  13. Icons on the review screen are not explained. What does the time icon do for example?
  14. Some kanji examples do not fit inside the text box for them on the iphone
  15. Sometimes english definitions are not there, only american-english ones. E.g. Colour, only color.

Now I’ve read a few replies here that say “why don’t you try creating gazillion mnemonics yourself”, or “use a script”, or “why don’t you slow down when writing the answers”. This is just feedback that is meant to help and not put down Wanikani. Firstly, sometimes we all make mistakes. The less frustration on an accident is always better. Simple thing like the software knowing I fucked up and correcting me with e.g. “are you sure?” is a nice simple feature. In addition, using a script on a PC is viable but suggestions for improvements to the app itself is better than relying on 3rd party software. Wanikani is a good tool for studying and I would prefer if I would only need that. And we all pay for the app so improvements are always a good thing, right? Stagnation is bad and the team is improving it constantly. I also use this mostly on my phone so I need the iPhone app itself to be the that is also up to par. It’s good but could be better.

Lastly, thanks and keep up the good work. I am learning and I am grateful for that.

The mobile apps are all third party

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In other words, search for the dedicated thread for the app you’re using and see if the creator is responding to requests.

And yeah, a lot of your requests are moot if they relate to account info. No WK apps can display that info.

Note to self: WK is not in English, heh

Really? I though Wanikani was made by the same guys. The more you know. Shit, that’s weird.

Yeah, English-English. Then there’s American english, australian english and all that :wink:

Yeah, usually people say British English when they are making the distinction. Just poking fun.

All of the apps basically just open a browser within the app, so it’s really just the shell that they’re responsible for. That’s why you need an API key (and why you couldn’t have an API key within the app itself…)

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