Why doesn't the Wanikani app work?

Hi, I’m new here and I was wandering why the Wanikani app doesn’t work on my iphone. I saw some comments as well saying the same thing, but I’m wondering if it actually works for some people

The mobile apps aren’t official. There are also several for both iOS and Android that I’m aware of, so no one will know which app you’re talking about unless you specify. The apps have been made by members of this community and they should have threads for them on the forums somewhere.

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thanks! I’ll have a look

I recommend AlliCrab on iOS

Have you tried inserting your API key?

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it was another app (where it shows you doge after you log in) but i’ll look at that one:)

In case others come searching here (like me), the issue is likely that your Public API Key has not been generated (Menu->Settings->Account). Even though the WaniKani app has you log in, it appears to only use this to retrieve the API key, much like AlliCrab, and the version 1 key is not generated by default. Generating this key allowed me to get past the spinning doge screen.