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Hey I have been searching for a list of Geek vocabulary that I think will help me a lot to learn easier and I couldn’t find it so I decided to create this post so we can do it together.

Kingdom Hearts - キングダム ハーツ
Sora - 空 (Sky)
Riku - 陸 (Land)
Kairi - 乖離 (separation)

Dragon Ball - ドラゴンボール
Son Goku - 孫悟空 (Greatchild + Aware of emptiness)
Chichi - 乳 (Milk)
Gohan - 御飯 (Rice)
Kame - 亀 (Turtle)
Ten Shin Han - 天津飯 (crab meat omelette on rice)
Kaio Shin - 界王神 (God king)
Kintōun (きんとうん) - 筋斗雲 (“flipping cloud”)
Genkidama - 元気玉 (Energy Sphere) - Goku Attack

Death Note - デスノート
Shinigami - 死神 (Death Bringer)

Naruto - ナルト
Naruto - 鳴門 (Fishcake)
Uzumaki - うずまき(Spiral)
Haruno - 春野(Blooming FIelds)
Sakura - 桜 (Cherry Blossom)
Kakashi - 案山子(Scarecrow)
Uchinha - (Paper fan)
Sasuke - (Ninja Warrior)
Gaara - 我愛羅 (demon)
Jutsu - 術 (Technique)
Ninjutsu - 忍術 (Ninja Technique)
Genjutsu - 幻術 (Illusionary technique)
Taijutsu - 体術 (Body Technique)
Kage bunshin no jutsu - 影分身の術 (Clone shadow technique) Naruto clone attack
Sharingan - 写輪眼 (Copy Wheel Eye) Uchinha family eye technique
Rasengan - 螺旋丸 (Spiral Sphere) Naruto special attack
Amateratsu - 天照 (Heavenly Illumination) fire release attack
Hokage - 火影 (Fire shadow) Leader of Konoha
Konohagakure - 木ノ葉隠れの里 (Village Hidden in the Leaves) Naruto village.

Final Fantasy
Raijin - 雷神 (God of thunder)
Fujin - 風神 (God of wind)

Generic Kings
Maou - 魔王 (Demon king)
Daimaou - 大魔王 (Great Demon King)
Shitennou - 四天王 (Four heavenly kings/four guardians/four champions)

Gundam ガンダム
Gundam - ガンダム
Minovsky particle - ミノフスキー粒子
space colony - スペースコロニー
white base - ホワイトベース

Digimon - デジモン
Evolution - 進化 (しんか)

One Piece - ワンピース
Nami - 波 (ナミ) Wave
Gomu Gomu no mi - ゴムゴムの実 (Rubber fruit) Devil fruit eaten by Monkey D. Luffy

My Hero Academia - 僕のヒーローアカデミア - Boku no Hīrō Akademia
Midoriya Izuku - 緑谷 出久 (Green Valley exit/longtime)
Deku - 木偶 (puppet/useless person)
Bakugo Katsuki - 爆豪 勝己 (Explosion Master Win myself)
Nomu - 脳無 No brain

Attack on Titan - 進撃の巨人 (The Giant’s Destruction)


I see where this was inspired by… :eyes:
It’s been a long time since I watched the Dragonball series, but just reading these words really takes me back.

My addition:
Kintōun (きんとうん) - 筋斗雲 (“flipping cloud”)
I just looked up this word and realized that I already know two of the kanji. That’s f*****g crazy!!! It’s those moments that make you feel like everything’s paying off. I still can’t believe it.


It’s actually the name of a crabmeat omelette over rice named after Tianjin China which is the 天津 part of the word. I don’t think it’s meant to be read like you are.


That’s the spirit!

Any other from other geek universes?


Anything to add to the list?

If I could offer up

雷神 raijin
風神 fujin

From FF8


Great! Added!

If you want, you can always @ one of the mods with the request to make your original post a wiki, and that way people can add to the list directly. ^^


Offered by Wanikani in the level 10 vocabulary:
進化 (しんか) - Evolution

That’s what the Digimon say when digivolving in Japanese. :joy:


So how exactly does one say “Notice me senpai!”


That would be nice. How do i @ summon a moderator? :sweat_smile:

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@RachelG can you possibly make the OP a wiki? Thank you! :durtle_love:


It’s a wiki now :+1:


Sure. From Gundam:

ミノフスキー粒子 - Minovsky particle.
スペースコロニー - space colony
ホワイトベース - white base
ガンダム - gundam


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