Fun listening resource! Jaru Jaru comedy duo

I’ve gotten hooked on watching videos made by Jaru Jaru, a famous comedy team. They have 2 YouTube channels, “Jaru Jaru Tower” and “Jaru Jaru Island” - I think the “Island” channel was created during the pandemic lockdown, when they couldn’t do live shows.

Why are these videos good for practicing listening comprehension? First of all, they almost always base a skit around a basic premise - so if you translate the title of the video, you are in on the joke. The entire skit is then just variations on that premise. Like this one, which is called “Job interviewee with a devilish laugh”:

The whole joke is that the interviewee has an annoying laugh, and it gradually makes the interviewer angrier and angrier.

Another reason these videos are great - a lot of the jokes are based around politeness levels, like a waiter who uses incredibly insulting slang, or a guy asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but the guy keeps using informal pronouns and the father gets angrier and angrier.

I have been in tears laughing at some of these skits, and I am probably only comprehending 10% of the dialogue sometimes. They talk fast and they shift in and out of all kinds of language - Kansai ben, slang, etc.

My personal favorite, from a series where they played 9 different comedy acts in an imaginary competition: the joke is funnier if you are a little familiar with rakugo, the style of storytelling where the narrator plays multiple parts. The whole joke is that the other people on stage think the rakugo storyteller is referring to them, but as they get closer to him he suddenly fills in the other voices:

Comedy is a very particular thing, so I’m sure some people won’t enjoy these videos. But if anyone gets some enjoyment and learning out of them, great!


I’m gonna add these to the listening practice resource list. :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you!

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