Japanese Travel Vlogs?

Hey I’m looking for youtube channels where maybe a Japanese person is traveling around Japan and explaining things in Japanese?

Any suggestions?


Is this about language learning, or about learning about Japan and its culture?

Both? Because I want listening practice but in the field of something I am interested in which is travel blogs.

The reason I asked is because I only have things that are in English or partially English/Japanese

This is more about great amazing places in Japan (English)

And this is more about day-to-day life, but also a bit of travelling and nature in Japan. (English and Japanese)


Yeah I know those guys and love them. I am looking for some content like theirs but in Japanese.


I really like もしもしゆうすけ’s channel. I wouldn’t describe him as a travel channel, but he makes videos about everyday life so we can follow along and see Japanese being used in a real setting. Most of his videos just use hiragana and katakana, so you can check the subtitles and easily read what’s being said. It’s great for listening practice!


try https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl7m8jh1FfIyEfCpHevrK1w !! but it’s in english

just found this too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjbKbSog9nosSAroAHsTCPw

i think you should search for things like 日本一周 on youtube and it will help you find what you want!

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wow you are right. Im a dumb dumb. I should just search things up in Japanese. thank you! ^-^*

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good luck!! share good channels you find here too if you can, i like those kind of videos too!

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I too am interested in travel blogs. :slightly_smiling_face: My own is linked in my profile, though it can be quite wordy. And it’s in English. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not actually a blog or a vlog, but one of my favourite sort of video to watch on YouTube is train front views - people board a train, park a camera in the front window, and record the trip from end to end. Sometimes the sound is high enough to make out the on-board announcements, but not always. Simply search for any train line’s name in Japanese and add 前面.

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Mostly English, but I love CurrentlyHannah’s videos - she’s Australian, but she lives in Osaka and works as a character performer (for Disney irrc) and travel video maker ^-^

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You mentioning she’s Australian caught my eye, so I opened that link. First video I spotted was " I Hosted a Travel TV Show", so I watched that one. “It’s available to watch on 7plus” she says. “Why, I have access to 7plus” I think. It’s not a bad show. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you are:

She’s targeting the western audience though, so she mostly speaks English.

I finally found one guys!! Its とったび!it a couple traveling around japan in a van I think. It’s awesome.


Asumi – 元CAが教える海外旅行メディア【トリップアテンダント】 she travels a lot and now has children she still travels. The only I know, not sure how to evaluate difficulty to understand tho.

This one was great! Among other places, this fellow visits the Kifune shrine up in the hills near Kyoto - on a rainy evening, when it is beautifully lit by lanterns. The trip there and back is by train through a maple forest footlit by lights - the cinematography of the return trip is fantastic, and the fellow does a great job adding music, or letting the natural sounds come through. He’s native Japanese, and it looks like he hosts a community radio program in Tokyo, so he’s got hte chops for making good videos. Yet no one is out there watching him. Let’s give him some love!

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