Favourite Japanese Youtubers?

For the past few months I’ve been watching a lot of seiyuu (voice actors) events and I love them to bits. Some of them even have their own youtube channels, like Hanae Natsuki and Shirai Yusuke. A lot of their videos have english subs. Even if you don’t understand most of the words, it’s still really entertaining!

Recently the numbers of Vtubers has skyrocketed. I’m not a fan of them, but what about you guys? Any favourites japanese youtubers?


I also stumbled upon Hanae Natsuki’s YT channel and I watch most of his horror game videos. I’m mostly subscribed to some Japanese utaite channels like Mafumafu, Soraru, Amatsuki. I understand 70% of what they say so it’s really a nice practice as well!

Speaking of VTubers, I’m only subscribed to this channel. It’s the seiyuu channel of Suzumura Kenichi (although he vehemently says otherwise). He recommends anime from time to time, chat with other seiyuus or just talk about random things. There’s no English subtitles though.


Wow the production looks good. He celebrated his own birthday too hahahhaa! Thanks for sharing it.

There’s this idol vtuber pair [ASCANA] which has models and movement on par with VR Chat but they kind of grew on me.

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For Vtubers, I would recommend taking a look at hololive if you’re interested (It’s a Vtuber agency). A lot of them are pretty entertaining. One of my favorite is “Korone”, she does let’s plays on a lot of old games. Thoses are pretty good for listening practice !

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Same here! My favorite JP cover artist is definitely Yuu Miyashita. His voice is so flexible, and covers some fantastic songs. His cover for the song Wozwald became so much more popular than the original, that it pretty much became the definitive version and was remastered and released to Spotify!

Aside from cover artists, the first JP Youtuber I subscribed to was 岩下スティーブン, whose channel is largely dedicated to reviewing action figures. He’s become so much more confident in front of the camera since when I first started watching!

I also really like 2BRO, which is a gaming channel. Although they largely play horror games, they play a few others too. I find that the main player, Otojya, has a very nice voice to listen to, even though he speaks quite fast. It’s good practice!

There are a few others, but I mainly watch those three.

Edit: None of those were VTubers, but I wasn’t sure if you meant favorite JP Youtubers in general or only VTubers… :sweat_smile:


Mine is Abroad in Japan. Kinda fun watching him explore or tell stories about Japan.


I think they meant japanese people who are youtubers and speak in japanese, not foreigners in japan lol. He speaks entirely in english too apart from the rare japanese tidbits here and there.

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I love those utaite channels too! Some of their covers are really much better than the originals. Amatsuki’s 小さな恋の歌 has freaking 86m views. Gero, Mei-chan, and Corrin has a youtube channel called 肉チョモランマ where they do challenges and stuff together. A lot of them are just videos about them eating but they still have some other good ones. Especially those that mess with Mei-chan.

I’ve also been watching Odorite channels like SLH and アナタシア. They have a lot of non-dancing videos, but my favourites are those dancing challenges like being blindfolded or at 1.5x speed or getting out when they forget their moves and see who survives.


Abroad in Japan is great! His travelling across Japan series is definitely one of my favourites from him. It makes me want to do it myself, since I really like cycling!

But yes, I’m asking about japanese youtubers, not really about expats. And although Dogan speaks mostly in Japanese, I’ll rule him out for this question too.


Whoa, I had no idea they had a channel together! I really love Mei-chan’s covers, so I’m surprised I never knew about this! Thanks for the tip!

I also watch Hanae Natsuki’s videos, as well as some of BinTRoLL’s. (That’s the channel of his friends Siruko and Mintosu.)
Gotta love their channel description:

That last ‘Yeah!’ just gets to me, lol.


Dogen, ThatJapaneseManYuta and からめる give me life

The difference in translation is hilarious. I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks!

Have you watched Limone-sensei’s youtube videos? His reaction compared to Hanae Natsuki’s towards horror games is day and night. He’s so chill lmao.

陣内智則のネタジン -Probably some super popular guy in Japan. Has comedy sketches which I find really funny. I like watching these sketch type of videos because an action usually takes place and are even understandable for beginners. I think it’s great for immersion.

You’re welcome! Here’s another tip! When you scroll down to the comments, you’ll see a lot of timestamps. It’s usually of Mei-chan getting surprised or laughing out loud. He’s so cute.

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Haha, yeah, I’ve seen some of his too.

He’s so chill lmao.

Except for that one time he got stuck in infinite Minecraft lava…

which video is that? if you dont mind searching

The infinite lava part starts at about 23:20.


Ryoya Takashima has two popular YouTube channels. He focuses on food, with great videos on how he prepares, as well as travel, and the technology of making videos, etc.

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Those guys are my go to since they pump put so much content there’s always something new to immerse in if I feel like watching youtube.

They also each have individual channels.

Other’s I watch:

KOH in インド
Concert Violinist who lives and performs in Mumbai and speaks fluent Hindi. It’s funny to watch him surprise Indian people.

Fake news lol.


Fitness/bodybuidling stuff:

Kanekin Fitness
Pro-bodybuilder/fitness. He speaks perfect English but most vids in Japanese.

Hidetada Yamagishi
Former IFBB pro. Probably the biggest Japanese bodybuilder.

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