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Can one ever be truly prepared for all that is @MissMisc? Unlikely.


Haha no, maybe someday ^^ I just happened to come across that one in an article I was reading and it particularly excited me :durtle_the_explorer:

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has a lot going on. One I should recognize by now but didn’t.


Another one:
= whisper


塵ーthis can be read ごみ、ちり、and じん which are attached to the meanings trash, dust/dirt, and defilement/impurity respectively.


庇ーひさしーeaves, brim


ひも – string/cord

Came across it in 靴ひも (shoelace)



揃う (そろう) - to be all together (like to gather); to become complete; to be equal; to be uniform;
聳える (そびえる) - to rise; to tower; to soar​

2 that I remember learning recently.


Bonus word: お揃い


Just realized this one isn’t on WK:

溺れる (おぼれる) - to drown; to indulge in; to lose one’s head over something


嫉妬 (しっと) - jealousy; envy​
妬む (ねたむ) - to be jealous of; to envy; to begrudge

All common words.

None of the kanji is taught by WK.


Yesterday I was reading a book for children and learned 妖精. Made me realized that 妖, the kanji in 妖精 (fairy) and 妖怪 (yokai) is also not taught by WK. It was quite a big surprise because this book target 6 - 8 years old. :sweat_smile:


Just learned this one:

餌 (えさ) - (animal) feed; bait; lure

Its common way of writing is actually with this kanji. Idk, but I like it. It’s weirdly attractive.


Isn’t it えさ?


My bad, fixed it xD

Guess I didn’t learn it well enough :eyes:


Yeah, I love this one. Seen it quite a few times so it must be fairly common since I have not read all that much yet. For example, in 餌箱 or being used to threaten someone in a book by saying they will make the other person 野鼠の餌。


I was quite surprised that this wasn’t on WK:

石鹸 (せっけん) - Soap

Unless I just missed it somehow…


Yeah. That is a neat one. Certain common kanji are not on wk, but it is not really an issue. It is kinda part of the system. By the time you learn the 2000+ kanji on wk, you will be a pro at learning new ones and learning them in words/while reading is way easier. In this case, the squid on the right often has a ken reading, and you do learn the せき reading of stone. And then, せき+けん through some lovely shortening gives せっけん. Then, you just have to attach that to the idea of soap and presto. :upside_down_face::turtle::upside_down_face::sunglasses:

Oh edit, apparently this one ain’t common vis-a-vis Leebo. Figured it might be common, since I knew it. :man_shrugging::turtle::sunglasses:


Why are you surprised it’s not on WK? It’s not a joyo kanji, and it’s not unusual to see 石けん because of that.


You’re assuming I know anything about Kanji outside of WK, which I don’t.

I was surprised because I would assume soap was a pretty commonly used word, or at least I would hope it would be… :stuck_out_tongue:


屍(しかばね)- corpse

Example from manga

They are actually after クリスマスパーティー :smile: