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罠ーわな-snare, trap

it went somewhere…or else somewhere else

but neato…maybe I will join in if SAO is not keeping me too busy…


Sauron (罒) looks out over the peoples (民) and says, “Do you wanna (わな) come play with me?”

And so the people follow and get ensnared in his trap, for the game he was playing was “Let’s See How Many People I Can Kill At Once” o:

(haven’t started using it yet [but I did sign up!], I’m planning on doing it for 時をかける少女 soon since several of us are set on reading it within the next couple months ^^)


yeesssss that’d be awesome! we could read! and discuss! and motivate! and help each other! and read!


I keep having to do a double take because I when I see the dash separating the kana, my brain wants to parse it as ichi with some kana attached. :thinking::sweat_smile:


Haha, yeah, that happens to me while reading real Japanese some times too…constant struggle.


Speaking of SAO, I saw
醍醐味 だいごみ real pleasure
in there a while ago. When came around for master red fox review on Kitsun, I felt some 醍醐味 from it.


I just came across 咳 せき (cough). I already knew せき as a spoken word, but the kanji looks easy enough to remember since It uses the (wk) “slice” radical and the “mouth” so it almost makes sense intuitively.

Not exactly “fun” though.


found another one, kinda…

蝕む (むしばむ) - to be worm-eaten, to spoil (from what seems to be an obscure 食 reading, 食む (はむ))


食む isn’t obscure, though. If you read anything that involves farm animals, that word is likely to come up. :thinking: I remember seeing it in Shinsekaiyori, there’s a flashback where they visit a farm.


“Obscure” might be vague, but it’s not a joyo reading at the very least.


I’m just going to post つる vine, ‘cause that’s one of leeches on floflo right now.


I was about to say “but it didn’t have furigana?” That being said, that book had basically zero furigana, except for proper names, so I guess it means nothing.


My girlfriend was reading a book the other day where 翳る had no furigana. Some books are just tough on you.


たこ – kite !

I love this one because it kinda looks like a kite (if you try imagining it hard enough) :durtle_the_explorer:

Two-face (巾) breaks into your house in the middle of the night and steals your kite off the table (几) where you left it.

When you wake up in the morning, all you see on your table are the たこs two-face left behind in exchange for the kiteat least you have たこs now :taco::thinking:


I love this one because it sounds like…taco…:upside_down_face::turtle:


That’s also why I love 蛸 ! :octopus:


とりで - fortress

Came across this one in a manga title


彙 ! As a part of the word 語彙ごい which refers to vocabulary/lexicon


Today I learned 叩.

叩く = to knock, to tap, to beat

(It’s common, but I’m a noob so don’t judge me)


Are you preparing for the JLPT? :eyes:


@Naphthalene taught me that one :green_heart:

It’s JLPT itself that needs to prepare for @MissMisc :durtle_love: