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How small was it in the novel?


You mean how small was the kanji and furigana in the physical copy of the manga? It wasn’t bad at all since ご注文はうさぎですか uses oversized pages.


Yeah, that’s what I meant. Hmmm… Oversized pages.


Yep, it’s super nice. It’s the same size as Aria the Masterpiece and bigger than Non Non Biyori (which is the same as Yotsubato). Here’s a couple pictures comparing ご注文はうさぎですか and Non Non Biyori.



Cool! Thanks!

The Non Non Biyori cover is really cute. : )


曰くーいわくーpretext, history, past, story; according to…

躊躇ーちゅうちょーhesitation, indecision, vacillation (both kanji are non-wk and mean “hesitate”)

-further fun facts, courtesy of rice, 躊躇い,躊躇う read ためらい and ためらう and meaning hesitation and to hesitate respectively


Aren’t you breaking some rules?
壁 is technically on WK, even if that reading/meaning combo isn’t taught. [Edit: but anyway, see Leebo’s post below]

Also, so many okurigana.

Well then, so more of the stuff I like:
佇む たたずむ to loiter
逞しい たくましい sturdy/tough
土竜 もぐら obviously a land dragon mole


Where did you find all those for へき?

EDIT: Oh, you’re talking about this 辟, not 壁. Still, I don’t see any evidence that へき is a word that means those things. To me, that appears to just be a list of associated meanings for the kanji, and not words themselves.


繋ぐ (つな.ぐ) - to connect

And a basic word I recently missed on iKnow… 鞄 (かばん) - bag
(makes sense that it uses the leather radical!)


Also the right part looks like 包 :slight_smile:


By the way, 魑魅魍魎 also appears in 新世界より, without furigana. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Naphthalene @Leebo Thanks. Yeah, I mistyped. I meant 辟. Jisho claims it is a word, but maybe I have been deceived.辟

Not sure though, might be a lie. Also, NATH are you serious??? I was reading a book and was sure it was a dragon. Mole would make more sense maybe…:eyes:


Jisho and that website both use the same source database. Which is built by regular folks like you and me.

I can’t find that word in the monolingual dictionaries I have.


Ok. Thanks! I am a bit 辟易 by Jisho’s breach of my trust, but I will survive this blow to my faith in dictionaries.

Any good suggestions for monolingual dictionaries online?


Depends if you have a good internet connection or not.
I’m using the コトバンク app, which connects seamlessly to their online dictionary. It’s free, but a bit terse. You can also get bigger, better, meaner dictionaries through in-app purchases, and access those as well at the same time. I haven’t tried, though.

About 土竜, in 99% of the cases, it’s a mole. I guess it could be a dragon, but then the word would not be read モグラ but どりゅう I guess.


Kotobank and Weblio both read from a variety of dictionaries. It usually tells you which one the info comes from at the top of the entry.


Sadly not the app. I mean, it can, but as I said, that’s an in-app purchase. Instead, it relies on their own stuff.

Looking at the settings, it’s the ポケットプログレッシブ国語辞典



Were you able to read it? The second and third kanji are easy because they follow their phonetic component, but the first one I’d have guessed り and the fourth doesn’t have a phonetic component that I know (though maybe the one part is a variation of 両, in which case it also follows its phonetic component).

More importantly, did you know what it means?


I was reading with Flo*Flo, so no, but it wasn’t an issue :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, the meaning was kinda obvious from the context.


Floflo to the rescue!