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葛藤ーかっとう-discord, antagonism

I think these kanji together really look like their meaning for some reason.

(arrowroot and wisteria respectively)


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Anyway, here’s a good one: - healing

I also found this one in ご注文はうさぎですか (it’s a goldmine for kanji) in the form of 癒して. I didn’t recognize it in such tiny font, though I should have recognized it from 癒し系 since I was just looking up 癒し系 manga last week…


That one’s taught at level 55! :durtle_the_explorer:


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It also has the meaning of conflit, especially for emotional/internal conflicts.

Random sentence from the interwebs:


“It’s not like I’m not conflicted about it, but…”

I remember that word also appeared in 働く魔王さま, in a sentence explaining that Maou, as the Lord of Darkness, had no hesitation/inner conflict about using his powers to steal money from the bank.


I think the extra rules are funny. :upside_down_face:


I’ve been reading 「龍の住む家」lately, the Japanese translation of The Fire Within by Chris D’Lacey, and it’s really excellent. There are also a lot of low to medium difficulty kanji that have been fun to learn outside of all the gross academic Japanese I usually have to work with. Some of my favorite words/kanji so far are 囁く(ささやく)、擦る(こする)、and 諍い(いさかい)。I don’t think any of these are used in WK, but correct me if I’m wrong!


擦 is a level 43 kanji. I don’t expect the other two to be in here, though.


梢ーこずえ-treetop, tip of a branch


臼 (うす): mortar (as in mortar/pestle)
竿 (さお): a pole/beam (fishing rod: 釣り竿)


なんじ Old fashioned “you”, used with people of equal or inferior status. “Thou”. Can also be written

Speaking of social status and pronouns,

ちん “I”, used by royalty. For that reason, it’s usually translated as the royal we.


oh, i remember exactly where i learned this from! - 小淵沢しらせ from 宇宙よりも遠い場所

name ones are crazy sometimes but other times they have such a distinctive meaning they stick with no effort and later on you see them in the actual word and instantly know and it feels so gratifying aah

here are some joyo body parts wk randomly omits


i also learned a pair of legendary 訓読み 形声文字 from twitter recently

儘(まま)a continuing state
壗(まま)steep slope


Thanks to this thread, I keep trying to remember random kanjis I know, which is pretty good practice.

At first I was trying (failing) to remember some of leeches, but then that frustration brought to mind ひる leech (the actual animal)