Fukuoka reading club・Looking for people in Fukuoka


I’ve just recently moved to Fukuoka and I’m looking to make some friends to read and learn together, so I was wondering if there’s maybe an existing reading club I can join? :smiling_face:

If not, I’d still love to know if there’s someone from Fukuoka! Let me know if you’re here and open to meeting up.


Welcome to WaniKani and this community!
We have a very nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaice commeownity here, with very purrofessional meowderators! :cat2:
I really hope you’d like it here!

As for reading clubs, maybe, this would help you?


Thanks so much! :kissing_cat:

I’ve seen the list of book clubs divided by level, and I’ve seen a discord server for an Intermediate reading book club, which is an online thing used for reading aloud together, I assume? :hushed: I thought more of an offline club! If there is one.

I’m very sorry if I’m asking in a wrong place or missing something!


There are lots of people in Japan around here, so you may get lucky and find someone. Having a real-life study partner can be a big help.

Maybe change your title to make it clear that you a looking for someone physically in Fukuoka.


Thanks for the tip!

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Nice first post!

I’m in Tokyo. There’s no reading club here, there really ought to be. Good luck forming one in Fukuoka, perhaps we can follow your lead!


I’m hoping to be in Fukuoka next summer, so if you’ll still be around then, I’d be interested!

And as you get settled in to Fukuoka life, share some tips in future threads, maybe please? :eyes:


Haha thanks!

Oh, cool! I’m sure there has to be though?? Like,. how can there not be one? I thought maybe I should reach people on Fukuoka Facebook group or maybe somehow on Instagram…
I’m excited for us anyway!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Oh, hey! Sure!! It’s a great place to be in, I’m really happy for you. Definitely don’t hesitate to reach out when you get here!


Welcome to Fukuoka! I’m here too, kinda all over the place as far as my work, but I live south of the city in a suburb. My life is fairly busy and full between work and my family responsibilities, but eventually I would like to make some more offline friends here. So, if something gets going with a meetup group or offline book club, I might be down some time. :slight_smile:


Still up for this? I just moved to Fukuoka and would love to organize a book club offline

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Hey! I honestly have been kinda putting this off, but I’m super up to the whole book club thing. I’ve read 不思議な図書館 and started reading 君たちはどう生きるか recently. And I love to discuss english books and literature in general.


Nice! Would be cool to know if anyone else is interested and would be up for participating. I think I’d be up for either english or japanese books as long as the japanese ones aren’t too complex.

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Hello @novideotape and @Aethereas :v:t2:

I am arriving in Fukuoka next week. I would be glad to join this reading club. I will be a bit busy for a few days after arriving because I have an apartment to furnish but in any case, I can start on the next book if you already are reading one.

My wife and I are headed to Fukuoka in a few months! January next year. I’m skipping N2 (like an idiot) gunning for N1 in July, so something like this might help keep me motivated with reading :muscle:

My reading level is not that high cause I am currently targeting N3 for December and N2 for July (second attempt in December if needed) but we can find things to read along for sure !

Hey! It’s really nice to hear, I’m glad there are people around :smiling_face: Good luck with moving and furnishing!
As for the book club, nothing has started yet hehe :cowboy_hat_face: I’m kinda busy till mid November I think.
Anyhow, I’ll ping everyone who is interested when I’ll clear my schedule @coicoy @Aethereas @emi_ukiyo @noxxxxxious ! We can meet up at first to discuss how often everyone is able to meet, what are we going to read – all the book club related logistics.

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Yep! That sounds like a plan to me :slight_smile:

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I’m in :raising_hand_woman:t2:
Maybe we can decide where and when to meet at the beginning of November :smiling_face:

@coicoy @Aethereas @novideotape @noxxxxxious

What are you availabilities ?

For me, weekdays would be after 6pm and weekends anytime.