Is anyone interested in a book club via Zoom?

I’ve been reading more and more Japanese, and am considering starting a book club that meets on Zoom for about an hour each week. I envision the meeting to go something like this:

  1. All participants read the assigned reading beforehand looking up words they do not know and being prepared to read the entire section aloud with not too many errors.
  2. Reading the assigned reading for the week out loud. Each member would read a section in turn.
  3. After the entire group had completed the section, any notable mistakes can be mentioned for the benefit of all.
  4. Shared recap of the section in English (what just happened? Character development, etc.)
  5. Grammar points and vocabulary, questions and discussion.

I’m thinking N3 equivalent and above, with a focus on contemporary Japanese writers. Short stories and/or novels. Eventually make reading the Akutagawa or Naoki prize winners. Reading selections will probably be pretty short (5-7 pages, depending on difficulty).

Please let me know if you are interested and if so, what range of times work for you. I’m also going to a local (San Francisco) Japanese learners meeting soon and will try and recruit there.

If there is enough interest, I’m hoping to select a book in January and start the club in February.




We already do some specific book clubs via the unofficial WaniKani Discord, though it’s been a while since a new book club got started there. The “reading other books while we wait for Flying Witch which we read while waiting for Yotsuba” club is going to be starting 狼少年は今日も嘘を重ねる… uh, either this weekend or next, I can’t remember. And the Haikyuu club is still going.


And the Haikyuu club is still going.

| _・)

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I am genuinely interested in this.
But I think tadoku graded readers do something similar to this but on Saturday’s in Japanese time zone.
But I am only free on Sundays.

The meeting is done mostly in Japanese.