Fukuoka reading club・Looking for people in Fukuoka

I can do pretty much anytime!

Hey, I’m in Fukuoka too (pretty west - but still easy to get around I guess). My reading level is definitely not high but I’d love to get involved with a book club so I’d be down too!


Perfect time to join us, we are planning the first meet up :wink:

When would you be available ?

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I’ll be in Fukuoka starting Jan 15 or 16th it seems, but I’ll still be working my American job on central time for the first few months, so I’m not 100% sure what my schedule will be like just yet. :sob: I imagine it will be wonky with that and getting settled in. Work starts at 10pm JST and goes until 7am, so… it will be interesting. lol

Oh hey! I just took a quick look at your GitHub. Are you doing web dev out in Fukuoka? I was wondering what the market looked like for foreigners over there. Looking to jump away from system admin stuff into web development while I’m in Japan.


I can do anyday but Wednesday I think. Arrival time depends on the book club location too because I’m usually out on Tuesday and Thursday D:

Monday (anytime)
Tuesday (after 4)
Thursday (after 5)
Friday (anytime)
Weekends (anytime)

Ahh, that’s just a small digital resume I was putting together - I’m currently here in Japan for other reasons than I.T. work so I’m not sure about the I.T. job scene, sorry :disappointed:

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I think it would make sense for everyone to meet at first on the weekdays :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m personally free on Sunday all day and on Saturday in the mornings until 2pm.

Should we meet in Hakata/Tenjin/Ohori area?

I’m free on Saturday until 6pm and Sunday before 1pm.

I live in Hakata area but I’m ok with any location.

Saturday 10am there :

What do you think about it ? Too early ? Too far ?
@novideotape @Suzy-du-Nord @aethereas

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Sounds good to me!

10 am is ok with me! I can probably bike to Seattle’s in 15 min so location is fine too :slightly_smiling_face:
Which Saturday would you like to meet?

This one or the next ?

I’m ok with any of the two. Is the plan to meet up to discuss the books we wanna read?

@emi_ukiyo @Aethereas
I’m actually ok with meeting this week…!
The plan is to just meet up and get to know each other, what we would like to read and discuss and how often can the book club thing happen :slight_smile:
The main reason I wanted to start all this is to create a community of people who came to Fukuoka as foreigners and have a reason to spend some quality time together.

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Never attempted a bookclub so I guess we can talk about organisation more generally :

  • how often we can/want to meet ?
  • what book ? do we take turns to pick the book or do we always decide together ?
  • do we keep communicating on this forum or another platform ?

and as @novideotape said, just start to know each other :wink:

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@novideotape @Aethereas Let say Saturday at 10am at the venue I sent the link

@Suzy-du-Nord are you coming ?

@noxxxxxious we will let you know what has been said and you join whenever you can


I’ll be there!

If anything comes up on the day (late, can’t find my socks, etc.) I’ll post here :+1:

@novideotape @Aethereas @Suzy-du-Nord

For tomorrow, just come talk to the gaijin with pink hair. It’s likely to be me lol


I’m gonna be late - sorry !!