Four months ago today... (review spike!)

I woke up to about 50 more reviews (feels like more than that, though) than I was expecting, and way more “burned” items that I normally have. I started thinking… SRS. I can figure this out.

So yeah, 4 months ago today was January 3rd. I would have just returned from the holidays to a giant review pile. And I probably did them all in one day.

And four months later, I’m getting hit again for the holiday build up. LOL!

I’m just happy that it’s one day only, and I should go back to normal tomorrow.


I highly recommend you use wanikani ultimate timeline. That will prevent you from having this kind of unexpected events in the future.


I started in September. So I’m going a LITTLE faster than you, but 26 levels in a year is a pretty nice clip.

You should join our No Pain No Gain Buddies group.

We are part of the “race to the cake” thread, but also have the thread above we use to encourage each other.

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Not to brag, but I really wanna brag: I started 6 months ago and I’m lvl25.

Err… to add something on-topic:


purple = guru. So yeah, these things happen :sweat_smile:

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The only valid brag is reaching level 60

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