One Year WK Anniversary

Happy Belated New Years to everyone!

This is only my second post here, but I started Wanikani last year as a New Year’s resolution. Lately life has been getting in the way of my reviews so I mostly just wanted to show off my progress a little bit to give myself the mental push to get through the last 15 levels.

Any and all encouragement is welcome and good luck to everyone else who started as a New Year’s resolution!

Stats through one year:



Congratulations!! You can definitely make it through the last 15 levels! The golden 60 is within your reach!

And wow! This is just one year?! :anguished:

Maybe I shouldn’t have delved into the depths of the forum, or more specifically, Campfire after all… but it’s too late now… help


You’re one of us now


only in one year!!! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

a little test just to be sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This is @Reemomo trying to keep from drowning in forum distractions


A year? スゲー!
I have to up my game if I want to do the same. Do you have any tips/advice on progressing as quickly as you did?

Well done on your progress and keep on learning those kanji :slight_smile:

It’s everyone’s fault for always being so funny and interesting and amazing! :c

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@Borx I found your level 46 buddy!

But I wanted someone I know.

@adamcolemullen Borx wants to know you.


I’ll be level 46 next weekend if that means anything ^^

With how much vocab I have to do still I might still be 46 by then.

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This is nothing short of inspirational for Pleasants like myself. Well done, @adamcolemullen! You are my new spirit animal!

Wow, looks like you’ve made excellent progress, OP!

I didn’t end up hitting level 20 by the end of 2017 like I thought I would since I got my puppy. I knew it would be a lot of work but man, she is exhausting.

I’m at least still making time for my reviews but I’m only doing about 5-10 lessons a week right now (only vocab from the previous level still) and this is definitely my longest level so far. I’m not gonna lie, it bothers me. But I’m trying to convince myself that to stay true to both my learning and my puppy, this is for the best.

I also welcome encouragement in these busy times. :disappointed_relieved:


Just keep swimming ^^

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Cool! You are going fast!

Have you started using your wanikani knowledge in some way? Maybe reading some stuff, playing video games, etc.

I’m interested to know your story. I’m currently at level 7 and have more or less the same rhythm, about 7~8 days per level (I started a month and a half ago). I try to do reviews as soon as I can. The first and fourth days of the week are toughest because of the new lessons (plus a lot of vocabulary on a new level) but then it gets easier. And I do lessons at about 10~15 per hour, so reviews are more spread over time. I think this is a good balance.

Congrats, and add yourself!

@Ncastaneda If I can’t click it, does that mean I fail the test :thinking: :thinking:

I do have a few tips, some of which I had to figure out the hard way:

  1. If you don’t have it, I highly recommend you get Wanikani Ultimate Timeline. It will tell you when your reviews are so you can plan your routine according to what works for you.

  2. Accuracy is important! I kind of had a meltdown around level 40 when I had too many reviews because of too many levels of low accuracy. Use the scrollover feature of the timeline to refresh your memory (even for Vocabulary!) before you do your reviews. That alone should put your accuracy in the 90-100% range every time.

  3. Don’t do all of the lessons at the beginning of every lesson! If you do, you’ll have 120 reviews one night and 30 in the morning, etc. Start with only the ones you need to level up, then start the rest in later batches. It will help you memorize them and also help you keep your studying routine smooth.

  4. Finally, tell other people in your life about wanikani! I think that kind of emotional support really helps you stick with it every day, even if you’re tired or busy. I tell my girlfriend and/or roommates every time I level up and whenever they want to do something with me, they always ask me first when I have to do my reviews!

Hope it helps!

Here’s some encouragement!
Puppy score:


@Borx, @asterite
People want to know me and my story??
i feel like beyonce

So far I’ve only been using it to read One Piece, watch ガキの使い, and chat with my girlfriend. Thanks to wanikani though, I can get by even though my grammar is only like mid-N4. I’m currently studying Chinese in Taiwan, which is why sometimes it’s hard to make time to review, but I also found that wanikani has indirectly helped me learn Chinese!