Found this on 4chan, makes you think you don't know any kanji at all 😨

I’ve heard it’s literally just a string of insults


This is in Chinese, and you can’t convince me otherwise. :eyes:


there are only like 5 kanji that i dont know and none of those kanji look especially chinese

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See if you can spot the one hiragana :slight_smile:


の is also a chinese character as far as i am aware

the only character that i thought might be chinese was the forth one. HOWEVER it could very well be due to found but i cannot find it and know that that radical is chinese

The two characters on the left mirror what I’m feeling right now.


Means spicy or pungent. 悪辣 means “crafty” or “vicious”.


narror minded vicious despicable fiend of a worthless​ subhuman beastly flatterer crook​.

afterwards i am a bit lost and can only use the kanji meaning but that nots gonna make insults i guess
i am very postive that they are insults tho because of the kanji

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what does 束 have 一 as a part but not 辣 on thats why i couldnt find it

畜獣 according to weblio means:


So animal/beast/livestock, whatever fits.

Good question!

No. :slight_smile:

That’s actually 亡八輩
亡八 means brothel + 輩 (as suffix, bunch of people) = prostitutes
-> ashes from the homa (Buddhist fire used to ask for blessings) of prostitutes.

That’s one of the most creative insults I’ve ever seen.

Edit: I was wrong, see two messages below.


apparently that is a commonly known insult. might be something buddhist we dont understand as outsiders

So I just looked it up and I was wrong in my reading. Some native asked online what the whole message meant and someone gave a break down:

The meaning of 亡八 wasn’t what I was thinking and 護摩の灰 goes on its own and has a set meaning.
Apparently a bunch of those may come up in historical drama/settings.

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