Forum badges on user card and profile not appearing correctly

Thanks! I would like to point out that on forum posts the font size of the text in the badges is 12px, but on that page it’s 15.008px (it’s em-based instead of px-based). It looks like there’s CSS overriding the font size on forum posts explicitly to 12px, but that’s not being used on that page. It would look much cleaner if it was also changed to 12px on that page.


At 12px font size:


Yeah, flairs on topics have a .topic-avatar class explicitly to override the font-size property, but profiles don’t have that for some reason, possibly because it would also target the profile’s user flair?

Oh hmm, I’ll check.


Thanks. I think it was already like this before. I just figured I’d mention it now since we’re already talking about badges.

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Ohh gotcha. I think it should be updated now.


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