Forecasting Reviews on the Dashboard

This is pretty cool! For me its a good motivation to do some reviews as I can see how much longer I can procrastinate before its getting too much to do again :wink:

I used a script before to see that but this way its way nicer! Well done, thanks!

Kumirei actually made a script for that. Here it is:


So far, this has made me keep up with my reviews more regularly! I can see when they’ll be added to so I have a idea of how often I should pop in for a review. Loving it~~~!

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Merus, thanks so much for the timing idea. I never really thought about doing new ones in the morning and then reviewing 4 hours later. That’s helpful! I know I read somewhere what the review schedule was, but I forget. Is there a place somewhere that explains the overview of WaniKani’s approach and the review patterns? I think I need a refresher. Also, I wonder why I’m moved up to the next level so soon (it seems to me). It shows me all these kanji and vocab for my new level, but I don’t start to get them for a long time after supposedly moving up! What’s with that? :wink: Those are the kinds of things I’d love to understand so I could create a more effective study plan.

If you can handle scripts, there’s already a script for that.

Definitely take a look at the Getting Started guide if you haven’t read it:

It takes a while to actually see the new radicals you unlock because of how WaniKani does lessons. When you guru radicals, it adds kanji lessons that use that radical (and any radicals you’ve seen before). When you guru kanji, it adds vocabulary lessons using that kanji, and you level up based on guru-ing kanji, not vocabulary. What that means is you tend to guru a lot of kanji at the same time, unless you’ve gotten a lot wrong recently, so you get a lot of vocabulary in your queue at the same time as you get a whole lot of new radicals. WaniKani prefers to show you vocabulary from previous levels first, which is why it takes a while for the radicals to show up.

There’s some advice here for building a lesson plan based around how much time and energy you have available, here:


or you can just read the beginner’s guide My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )
I have a feeling it would answer all your questions.


Merus, thank you again! I plan to go through these in detail. Since my daily time is limited, I’d like to arrange it to be as efficient as possible. Your previous suggestion, to plan to review about 4 hours after doing new lessons, has really helped me! I’m
sure I can glean some new pearls of wisdom with these links. Thanks again!

Since this new design has gone live, the Reviews button is blue when I load the dashboard and I have reviews. But if I leave the dashboard open (which is always the case) the button doesn’t get blue when the next review batch comes up.

I don’t know how it goes for the Lessons button, hadn’t had these in a while. :wink:

Lessons has the same issue but it’s pink/magenta instead of blue. They don’t automatically refresh on the hour, so I end up just refreshing the page when I want an update.

The forecast says when the next review is due. I just make a mental note of that or set a timer or if the dash isn’t refreshed, look at the forecast and compare to the current time.

That’s always been the case, at least, since I joined WK. The page had to be refreshed.

I created a userscript that solves this exact problem. It enables the review button when new reviews become available and updates the forecast accordingly, all without needing to refresh the page. It also adds a hover popup to the review button that tells you the remaining time until the next review batch.

You can download it from here:


Thanks for that! It’s exactly what I thought was missing! お疲れ様!

Thanks so much for the script.

Love, love, love this new forecast feature. It really assists balancing life and WK reviews. Thanks!

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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.
I’m not a mom, but time is a critical resource for me as well. If you don’t mind I’ll share my little (probably highly subjective) insights.

My tips and insights for saving time with WK:

  1. Learning grammar before level 14 was stupid - I wasted most of the time for learning new kanjis, while WK was packing them into my memory at an avg pace of 5 per day (, which is pretty incredible.
  2. As you know, when something becomes a routine after some time it doesn’t feel hard anymore - just usual stuff. WK has a cycle of 7d/level minus 4h just in case. I recommend to keep this pace at least for the first levels - it’s pretty easy with a routine.
  3. Make yourself a schedule. For example:
    I level up on Saturday mornings because it’s a holiday (reviews at 10:00, 14:00, 22:00), Guru these kanjis and radicals on Wednesday evening and learn new kanjis immediately (reviews in 20:00, 00:00, 10:00 in the morning). As you can see I have the only busy evening which I cannot postpone - Wednesday. I do vocab a bit later to free up the evenings and have all the time I need for socializing and drinks. Very convenient.
  4. Use Double Check and Ultimate TImeline scripts to track and quickly accomplish “critical reviews” (which affect level up time) and fix kanjis if you really need and don’t allow them to affect your pace - you’ll have a chance to fail and repeat them the next level.
  5. This one could be controversial for some people: I DON’T recommend spreading lesson through the day to much. I’m learning my critical radicals and kanjis ASAP, then I do all of the kanjis at one take as well (this part takes about an hour - I read through them very carefully). The vocab I usually do in one of the next 2 days to ease my schedule, BUT I do them all at one take - they’re much easier than kanjis and it allows me to watch carefully for the SRS intervals (4h, 8h, 1d) and memorize everything very efficiently. If you learned the lessons - stick to SRS intervals! It works like magic.
    The results:
  • I learn 45 out of 50 words from the first take. All the way to master and enlightened.
  • my reviews are coming in bundles of 50 or even 100, which sounds scary at first, but with the right tracking of SRS intervals it results in a very high review speed with great concentration and accuracy. Take a look at the screenshots: 101 review in 23 mins - not that long. Also, if it’s not a 4 or 8h review - you can postpone ad spread them just a bit without the damage to memorization if you need.
  • the f***ed up words (the complicated ones) come back to me during the day in portions of 3-5 and I review them during the day whenever I’m bored - I can pay lot’s of attention to them, which is awesome. I usually work out my own mnemonics for such words, otherwise they just don’t stick.
  • my reviews+lessons take about 1h per day on average. It’s a small price to pay for a new language (excluding grammar).
  1. Start learning grammar after about 14-18 levels (I’m currently using bunpro) - you’ll enjoy how kanji aren’t a struggle anymore.
  2. 7d/level requires some discipline - you can work out a cycle of 14 days just by spreading lessons, for example. Should be easier, but with all the benefits of SRS method and repeatable schedule.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Reviews at midnight?! Do you even sleep?

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I rarely wake up earlier than 9:00 :slight_smile:


Sleeping at midnight?! Are you ever awake?