What happened to the pretty new format?

Hi! I keep WaniKani up on a group of websites that I bring up from my History each morning. A few days ago it changed and looked really beautiful! It had big cartoons to represent what needed to be reviewed and new items waiting, and it had a very handy list on the right that told me how many reviews were coming and when. I loved it! Then I noticed a thread in the comments at the bottom that I was curious about. When I clicked, it opened to a page that seemed to suggest I needed to log in to access it. Weird, since I must have been logged in to do my reviews, but I logged in anyway, and when I went back to the dashboard, my neat new format was gone! it went back to the page with the row that told me how many were in each category (guru, burned, etc) but no longer showed what reviews were coming and when (and no cute cartoons).

Any suggestions how I can get back to that? Please, nothing too complicated! I don’t speak computereze. :wink:

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This is a preview of the new dashboard that they will be putting up soon. You can do reviews/lessons this way and it will still count.


Oh you’re awesome, thanks! That explains why I thought I was signed in. I love it and will keep using that format, thanks to your link!

Every now and then, check the regular WaniKani site, rather than the Preview site. They’ll eventually push the contents of the Preview site to the main site.

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