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Historical Figures, Events and Places

The book mentions a lot of real (as far as we know :sweat_smile:) historical figures and events. Here are some information resources on them. (Please be aware that if you want to go in 100% blind, these lists will contain some spoilers for you)

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Historical Figures and Groups
The Royal Diagram

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We can probably drop the separate columns for Bookwalker and Kindle percentages at this point; they haven’t been different enough to be significant in the past.

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lol, me realizing I never included 2 columns for them in the word-sheets on Google! XD

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Yes, that’s a good call. I’m happy to add the Bookwalker percentages going forward, if that’s of any help.


Sooo, some time ago I accidentally read a spoiler for this volume (I thought they were only talking about earlier volumes :woman_facepalming:) - anyways, to those who were following the developments so far it shouldn’t come as a big surprise anyway but apparently this volume will finally be BL with a very very capital L :upside_down_face: Let’s see how that unfolds!

Chapter 1 is done!

The very first sentence of the chapter already had me tingle with excitement: “The phone rang.” :exploding_head: And as it is to be expected, we get the next episode in Katsuya’s current life. Luckily he is no longer in the hospital / prison /wherever he was but back in his home. We learn how he and his mother cut all ties to Kaito’s mother because they did not want to induce grief on her through their presence - but as Katsuya’s father is a subordinate of Kaito’s father, this is pretty tricky because there are events where he is supposed to attend together with his wife…

Interestingly, during this episode Kaito is not dreaming but he is fully aware of himself and that he sees Katsuya’s world… this is a bit different from the first occasion if I’m not mistaken.
After waking from this “dream” Kaito goes on deck and notices a person in the water swimming alongside the ship - and on closer inspection this is the (presumably dead) boy who was on the pirate ship :scream: Geoffrey and Nigel talk him out of this, and we learn a bit more about how very superstitious sailors are, and about Nigel’s past where he was almost lynched because the crew thought he had brought them bad luck :cold_sweat:

Kaito then starts to believe himself that it was just a ghost he had seen - but interestingly Blacky had also reacted to the presence of whatever that was…

Finished Chapter 2!

And hoo boy I do hope that the educational lesson is over for this volume… that was a tad too much for my liking…
First of all, Geoffrey tells Nigel that he let the sailors drink the wine barrel he had cracked open for the French messenger because it can’t be sold any more now that it has been opened already. Clearly that rubs Nigel the wrong way, on the one hand because it’s dangerous when the sailors are drunk and e.g. have an accident - we already saw how that can end! And also of course because it’s such a waste of good and expensive wine in Nigel’s eyes. So Geoffrey gets an intense scolding. Then (here comes the learning part!) Nigel asks Geoffrey why he keeps breaking the rules although he clearly knows it’s wrong, and why he exposes himself to being scolded although he tries to avoid unpleasant situations at all cost. To which Geoffrey simply answers that he doesn’t hate being scolded by Nigel :laughing:
Anyways, we get a bit of a psychological analysis, and also some reflection on Geoffrey’s and Nigel’s past. And Geoffrey promises he will be more careful in the future.

Then they switch topics and talk about Gloria and its maintenance as well as the necessary preparations for the upcoming war. Finally a sleep-deprived Kaito appears, and while he reacts adversely to Geoffrey’s touch, he is immediately softened by Nigel’s suggestion of having food for Blacky and Kaito. Which of course leads to another outbreak of jealousy in Geoffrey, but he gets it under control (another learning part!) and lets the two walk off. Of course not without contemplating about it and how he will be alone together with Kaito soon.

So, bottom line, some character development but also lots of recurring themes here. Let’s see whether the next chapter is more interesting!