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Chapter eBook % Physical
Chapter 1 1 % p. 5
Chapter 2 16 % p. 32
Chapter 3 23 % p. 49
Chapter 4 34 % p. 73
Chapter 5 43 % p. 93
Chapter 6 53 % p. 116
Chapter 7 60 % p. 131
Chapter 8 70 % p. 153
Chapter 9 76 % p. 166
Chapter 10 86 % p. 189
あとがき 98 % p. 214-215

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Discussing anything is fine, be it about language questions, about the contents or about real historic events! Please state clearly which chapter (or roughly which percentage) you’re referring to, and please hide spoilers. Also, don’t forget the forum etiquette, of course.

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Vocab sheet

Artwork from volume 10

Full color Extra

Vol 10, ch 3, p 65

Vol 10, ch 7, p 151

松岡なつきのあとがき, p 214-215

Historical Figures, Events and Places

The book mentions a lot of real (as far as we know :sweat_smile:) historical figures and events. Here are some information resources on them. (Please be aware that if you want to go in 100% blind, these lists will contain some spoilers for you)

Please add Chapter, Page, if possible, when something is mentioned in the story.

Historical Figures and Groups

House of Alvarez Toledo (Ch. 7) Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba - Wikipedia (he is Raul’s father)
Alonso de Leyva (Ch. 8) Battle of Rijmenam (1578) - Wikipedia
Antonio de Toledo (Ch. 8) (nicknamed アスコリ?) Antonio Álvarez de Toledo, 5th Duke of Alba - Wikipedia
Charles V (Ch. 5) (カール五世) Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia
Jane Dormer (Ch. 5) (ジェーン・ドーマー) Jane Dormer - Wikipedia
Alexander Farnese (Ch. 7) (フランドルの従弟殿) (パルマ公) Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma - Wikipedia
Duke of Feria (Ch. 5) Gómez Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba, 1st Duke of Feria - Wikipedia
Hieronymites (Ch. 7) Hieronymites - Wikipedia
Isabella Clara Eugenia (Ch. 8) Isabella Clara Eugenia - Wikipedia
Isabel de Valois (Ch. 8) Elisabeth of Valois - Wikipedia
Joanna of Austria (Ch. 8) (ファナ王女) Joanna of Austria, Princess of Portugal - Wikipedia
Luis Fajardo? (Ch. 5) (ルイス提督) Luis Fajardo (Spanish Navy officer) - Wikipedia
Maria of Austria (Ch. 8) (皇妃マリア) Maria of Austria, Holy Roman Empress - Wikipedia, sister of King Philip II
Mary Tudor (Ch. 8) Mary I of England - Wikipedia
Maximilian II (Ch. 8) Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia
Philip III (Ch. 8) (弟フェリペ) Philip III of Spain - Wikipedia
Cardinal Quiroga (Ch. 4) (キローガ枢機卿) Gaspar de Quiroga y Vela - Wikipedia
Santa Cruz (Ch. 1) Álvaro de Bazán, Marquis of Santa Cruz - Wikipedia
Juan Vazquez de Molina (Ch. 4) (秘書官ヴァスケス殿) Vázquez de Molina Palace - Wikipedia
Tomás Luis de Victoria (Ch. 4) (ヴィクトリア師) Tomás Luis de Victoria - Wikipedia

The Royal Diagram

Places and Rivers

Bayonne (Ch. 3) Bayonne - Wikipedia
Brittany (Ch. 3) Brittany - Wikipedia
Burgos (Ch. 3) Burgos - Wikipedia
Descalzas Reales (Ch. 4) (デスカルサス・レアレス修道院) Convent of Las Descalzas Reales - Wikipedia
Ducal Palace of Pastrana (Ch. 10) Ducal Palace of Pastrana - Wikipedia & Spain is Culture
El Escorial (Ch. 3) San Lorenzo de El Escorial - Wikipedia
Florence (Ch. 2) (フィレンツェ) Florence - Wikipedia
Guadarrama Mountains (Ch. 3) Sierra de Guadarrama - Wikipedia
Lisbon (Ch. 1) Lisbon - Wikipedia
Madrid (Ch. 2) Madrid - Wikipedia
Manila (Ch. 2) Manila - Wikipedia
Pamplona (Ch. 3) Pamplona - Wikipedia
Pastrana (Ch. 10) Pastrana, Spain - Wikipedia
Pyrenees (Ch. 3) Pyrenees - Wikipedia
San Sebastian (Ch. 3) San Sebastián - Wikipedia
Savile Row (Ch. 6) Savile Row tailoring - Wikipedia
Seville (Ch. 2) Seville - Wikipedia
Vitoria (Ch. 3) Vitoria-Gasteiz - Wikipedia

Historical Events, Things etc

Auto-da-fé (Ch. 1) Auto-da-fé - Wikipedia
The Empire on which the sun never sets (Ch. 1?) The empire on which the sun never sets - Wikipedia
Port wine (Ch. 7) (ポルト産の葡萄酒) Port wine - Wikipedia
Spanish Inquisition (Ch. 1) (異端審問所) Spanish Inquisition - Wikipedia
Suprema (Ch. 2) Council of the Supreme and General Inquisition (= Spanish Inquisition Council)
Virgin of Montserrat pilgrimage (Ch. 7) (モンセラートの聖母巡礼) Virgin of Montserrat - Wikipedia

Historical, geographical and other inaccuracies

Chapter 3: I think I spotted a typo in the Bookwalker version! It shows the expression (ひそ)を顰めた while it should actually be 眉を(ひそ)めた .

Chapter 5: We need to talk about Christian customs and day names, it seems. The custom that is described here is Tenebrae - Wikipedia and it takes place on Holy Wednesday - Wikipedia (聖水曜日), just as the king correctly mentions before he tells Vicente’s story. During the story, though, the day is referred to as Ash Wednesday - Wikipedia (灰の水曜日) which actually takes place 6 weeks earlier.


I had actually planned to read this a bit later, but it’s just impossible to defer…
Therefore the new plan is to read this until Christmas :sweat_smile:

Chapter 1:

Kaito has another dream about Kazuya. This time he is not seeing through his eyes but instead is a bit behind him, and he has this feeling he could just reach out to him and touch him…

Anyways, turns out that Kazuya goes to Plymouth each weekend to research about Kaito, his mother returned to Japan by now and his father is of course deep into his work and is not really visible, so Kazuya is alone with the crushing guilt. He meets the policeman who has been on the case from the start, and the policeman tells him that he looked into the little girl’s confession that Kaito “was swallowed by the Earth”. He researched this and discovered that there have been 3 (!) cases so far: Kaito, Lily and another one (now I keep asking myself who this might be and whether we encountered that person already).
Kaito feels very sorry for Kazuya and would love to be able to tell him just to forget him and to go on with his life - at the same time realizing that this is easier said than done…
When he returns to his world, turns out he has been thrown into prison in order to wait for the inquisition trial. He is able to chat to Vicente when he brings him something to eat, but that’s not much time anyway, and Kaito totally loses the sense of whether it’s day or night.
On one occasion, they talk about the trial, and Vicente explains how it will probably go. Kaito gets very afraid. During this chat, Kaito realizes that Vicente is his enemy on the one hand, but also his only supporter on the other hand…

Kaito lets Vicente hug him for comfort, and Vicente kisses him on the forehead. Are they getting closer after all?

Chapter 2:

Kaito spent a few days in his cell already, when suddenly the door opens and his trial is about to start! Kaito is afraid and can barely walk, so he asks Vicente to support him. Kaito pulls much strength from Vicente putting his arm around his waist, and he is finally able to walk out.

The night before, Vicente found out that the king asked Raul de Toledo to defend Kaito in the trial! The king knows that he is a spy for England and reminds Vicente to be careful in his presence. But all in all they seem to be happy that he is going to support Kaito.
And then the trial is about to begin when Raul bursts into the room and declares his intention!


Chapter 3:

Back to Gloria. Geoffrey and co. are preparing for the rescue mission and decide on how to get into El Escorial. Marlowe is supposed to act as a priest who is going to work at the cloister, Nigel is his pupil, and Geoffrey is there to take care of them. The first obstacle is Marlowe’s long hair which doesn’t look priest-like at all, so with a lot of lamenting, his hair is being cut.
They plan to go to El Escorial from France because it’s less suspicious, but that will take very long if they walk like a proper priest and entourage, or even if they take a horsecart, pretending that the priest is too weak to walk. Geoffrey of course wants them to jump onto horsebacks and ride there in full gallop, but that would be pretty suspicious. So he comes up with another disguise: if they pretend to be wounded soldiers on their return home, they can ride horses without anybody taking notice. Unfortunately that means one thing: Geoffrey needs to cut his hair. Which he does with one swift stroke, which astonishes everybody because it was supposed to be his signature thing and most valued sign of freedom! But Geoffrey says he values Kaito more than his hair :rofl:

On top of that, we learn of another seafarer’s superstition: When somebody cuts their hair or their nails aboard a ship, then the whole crew may never return home!

OMG I’d looove to see a picture of the outcome! :star_struck: I hope there is one in this chapter…

Chapter 4:

The Inquisition’s trial starts, and Raul takes an interesting path of defending Kaito. The original accusation was (a) acting contrary to the Christian belief and (b) using witchcraft. Raul first addresses the first accusation by pointing out that the plaintiff simply assumed that Kaito was already baptized, but that this was actually not true, and so the whole accusation point is moot. (In fact, the whole Inquisition trial is only applicable to Christians, so they don’t even have a say regarding Kaito’s behavior.) To prove this, he presents Kaito’s biography (that he told the king a few days ago), and the court decides to hear the plaintiff first (who didn’t make it to the trial on time) before taking further measures. So everything is postponed to the next day. Kaito is even allowed to leave prison and to return to his room in the cloister. Phew! Looks like 1:0 for Raul and Kaito :+1:


Chapter 5:

The king, Raul and Vicente discuss the next steps. We get some deep insight into Vicente’s past where he saved a young noblewoman from being harassed during an event in a pitch-dark church (great idea, Catholic Church, really :woman_facepalming:) and now every woman in town yearns for the noble knight :grin:

After the king left, Vicente remarks that his attitude towards Kaito has changed, and asks Raul whether he has received news from one of his spies. He confirms and says that Walsingham has asked for Kaito to be killed by poisoning. And - ironically - that this of course confirms to the king that the story about Kaito’s prophecies is real, and it increases Kaito’s value (as viewed by the king) tremendously.

Just when they finished that conversation, Leo comes running and tells them in panic that Kaito seems to have been poisoned! dun dun dun…

Chapter 6:

We jump a bit back in time and see how Kaito wakes up, how Leo brings him water to wash himself, and finally food. Kaito eats some of the soup and immediately notices an issue with it, but it is too late. He starts fainting. Leo returns with Vicente and Raul who try to help him by giving him water and making him throw up. But Kaito drifts in and out of consciousness, and at some point his breath stops. Now it’s Vicente’s task to give him rescue breathing. First he is confused, but Raul ensures him that it’s safe as it’s already described in the Bible and not regarded as a homosexual act :rofl: As if Vicente cares about these things… After a few rounds, Kaito starts to breathe by himself and comes back to life.


Chapter 7:

Kaito finds himself in Vicente’s room (because his own room has become unusable). Vicente is there to nurse him. Kaito has his usual moral conflict that he does not want to trust Vicente because he abducted him, but that he has to trust him because he is the only one who will help him. Kaito feels very helpless, to which Vicente responds that he is not helpless, there are just some things he cannot do, and that the same applies to everybody, Vicente included. He then describes how he has a hard tim threading a needle for sowing :rofl: Can’t say I cannot relate…

Later, Vicente takes care of Leo who has been questioned and who is blaming himself for what happened. Vicente then talks to Raul about the events, and Raul says that the king and also he himself are willing to put all their spies and double-spies to use in order to help find the culprit. Vicente then learns that the two of them have about 20 (!) such spies, which leaves him astonished.

Finally, Vicente asks why Raul is a spy, and he tells him that for him it’s like a game of chess, and that he loves that. Vicente wonders whether Raul may have poisoned Kaito, and asks him directly; but Raul says he sees Kaito’s prophetic skills as an invaluable asset for the country and that he never worked for England. Vicente is still doubtful but decides to trust his words for the time being.

Chapter 8:

Vicente goes to Madrid to meet the king’s younger sister, Maria of Austria, who requested to see him, and after they chat a bit, she says that she called Vicente for another reason: There is somebody else who wants to see him. Turns out it’s the girl whom he saved 6 years ago in the dark church! And… she is Princess Isabella, the king’s daughter, who is so beautiful that the men in El Escorial cannot even look at her portrait without going crazy :sweat_smile: Vicente, who has been in the military all his life, is not able to make nice smalltalk, which the princess actually enjoys quite a bit. She makes him compliments for his green eyes, and they both simply gaze at each other for quite a while - when Vicente pulls himself together because he is aware he cannot fall in love with a person that is as unreachable as the princess.

She also gives him some valuable advice by telling him to be careful with Raul (as if he hadn’t known that, but confirmation is good I guess) and also to be careful about the guy he knocked out during the rescue, as he is a relative of Raul!

Chapter 9:

The trial starts again, and it goes pretty much according to plan, with Raul being able to avert all accusations. When everybody thought it’s over, the priest who was on Vicente’s ship accuses Kaito of having sex with men as he saw Kaito and Vicente share the same cabin, and the Portuguese captain chimes in as he saw Kaito and Geoffrey share the same cabin :scream: Raul suggests to have Kaito checked by a doctor. At the doctor’s office, when the doctor wants to look at his anus, Kaito freaks out (?!? do Japanese never see a doctor? Does he prefer to be accused and imprisoned or killed? I really don’t get this…). The doctor says he’s pretty sure he is a virgin, but when asked he says that he can check even better with a device and determine the diameter of his anus! Kaito is horrified and the operation must be painful. Afterwards he destroys the furniture of the room and romps around until he collapses in a corner, where Vicente tries to comfort him…

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Finished the book last week already but totally forgot to post about the final chapter :sweat_smile:

Chapter 10:

Geoffrey and co. have made it to Madrid! But they are not able to do anything as they are supposed to meet with one of Drake’s spies, who did not show up on the appointed date, and now they have no way of contacting him as they know nothing about him.
They are still in the disguise of Spanish soldiers, with Geoffrey who cannot speak, Nigel who acts as a Spanish native (does that really work out? I doubt his language skills somewhat…), and Marlowe who speaks Latin.
While they are in their pub-hostel drinking and having the usual banter with the barmaids, a man approaches them who turns out to be the spy. And the reader will notice quickly that it’s Raul! They start a lengthy discussion with him, and I think this is the last point where their camouflage cannot hold up any more? But nobody seems to care. Raul tells them everything that happened, and that Kaito is supposed to be transferred to some castle not far away. Raul offers to free Kaito and to hand him over to them. He tells them where to wait for him, and that he will send a messenger once everything is prepared. (I have hunch who this messenger might be :astonished:) After some haggling, they agree.

So, Raul previously said that he has never been on the side of England, and I guess he still holds true to that. So we should be expecting some pretty interesting double-scheming here… Maybe Kaito actually is not in that castle? Maybe Raul will not only bring Kaito but also the Spanish Army? Or maybe he applies yet another trick? dun dun dun…

With this, Volume 10 is over!

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Chapter 1 thoughts!

We get another Kazuya dream chapter! :sleeping: Kazuya seems to have changed a lot in their time apart. And not for the better. :c Kazuya is on the Hoe and the police officer that was questioning him in the previous dream, is there with him. :male_detective: It doesn’t sound like the suspicions about Kazuya having murdered Kaito has cleared either. And it seems the weight of those suspicions has been changing Kazuya’s attitude to the world as well, creating a less civil and more dismissive attitude in his interactions.

Apparently, Kazuya has been traveling to Plymouth every weekend for some time now. But also to the regional library as well. :eyes: Surely, they mean the archives, since a library doesn’t really have the sort of information they’re discussing here. And only specific archives have information on missing people etc. to boot. But, the cop has also talked to the sisters Kaito ran into, with one of them saying Kaito disappeared into the ground. Which Kazuya also initially told the police (or something more like it). Even more intriguing, a man at the local pub also mentions a missing person case from 30 years ago…aka Lily! o_o Dun dun dun the plot thickens. This cop is a real blood hound, he want the truth and won’t let go until he gets it! XD :service_dog: :male_detective:

Confronted with a corroboration of the events when Kaito disappeared, Kazuya is still stubborn about not taking back his story as told to the police, but rather refusing to acknowledge Alice’s story.

In any case, Kaito wakes up to a bleak reality of his own, a cold stone cot at he’s imprisoned in the basement of the inquisition’s headquarters?

Also, this volume should have an extra content warning imo, just for you other readers out there. T_T I don’t know exactly when, but I do know what goes down later, apparently/presumably this volume.

Taking a pause in reading ch 1, gotta do some cleaning!

Back to reading until my parents show up! ^>^

Vocab to keep track of: 異端審問 ~ いたんしんもん ~ Inquisition

異端審問所本部 thanks Japanese for kanji helping us read super-long word constructions. :joy: :bowing_woman:
and 検邪聖省 inquisitor?? holy seer?

Well, Kaito is getting another trial, this time the Inquisition is the judge of his character. And there’s a lot to dislike about Kaito from that POV (gay, non-baptized, connoisseur of sexy, provocative art) - the lot! ^^;

On the positive side, Vincente has managed to get a sneak peak at the accusations leveled at Kaito Specifically, what they’re accusing Kaito of is, besides being not christianed, is that Kaito used magic and a “curse”. And the accusation is coming from a very sus party - the cousin of the captain Gloria defeated and raided. :eyes: Surely, he can’t be all lies and in it for revenge - :person_facepalming: Let’s hope some investigator is like Kazuya’s police acquaintance, more into learning the truth of the matter. ^^;

And Vincente is able to visit and talk to Kaito, for what it’s worth - since they’re likely being listened in on and conversations are recorded as a rule. And there isn’t much good news Vincente can bring Kaito either - they’ll likely resort to torture to get him to confess his religious crimes. :cry:

Bringing out the doctor’s hat for a moment :mortar_board:
*what I know from a lecture about the burning of witches in Sweden tells a disturbing picture. The only good thing that came of it, was a reform in the Judiciary, where children’s witness accounts were no longer admissable as proof in court (children is avoided usually, and when necessary, their words still don’t hold the same weight as an adults do). During the witch trials, children were often brought in as witnessess, telling fanciful stories. Women who were targeted were usually social outcasts or caught up in some social feud in the small village or towns they resided in. Once imprisoned, a priest would visit to allow for a confession to give her forgiveness under God. Often women confessed at this point, since faith in God reigned supreme. not confessing and ending up being hanged or beheaded, would mean they would not get a Christian funeral or get buried in a cementary - and so, confession at the early stage would ensure you could still get into heaven (through purgatory). The use of torture to extract confessions was also used, and so there was very little chance of you ever getting out of a witch trial - either you succumbed to the torture and confessed, the priest wanted you to confess and at some point you might just wish for it all to be over. :cry:

Back to the chapter…
Frankly, Vincente’s attempts at reassurance to Kaito as not much help. He means well, but I’d despair as well under Kaito’s circumstances - there is literally no where to go from here. :sob: I also would not take well to being told I should keep it together and not cry, if there is reason to cry - this is it! :sob: Good on Kaito for calling him out on it! :eyes: I’ll give Vincente some points for trying to show his support for Kaito, in his own stiff, formal way. But, it’s hardly enough I feel. Even if it’s true he IS Kaito’s sole support here…

Kaito’s monologue about Kazuya is siqnificant I feel, Kaito wishing for Kazuya to get on with his life, forgetting about him, no longer just waiting for a sign that might never come. :cry:

Also, the wait is over…nothing good can come of that. :cry:


Chapter 2 thoughts

The plot thickens as Vincente talks to Philip II. Raol is indeed Walshingham’s spy, who also takes work from Drake. Still, he’s apparently highly skilled and so, Vincente request him to defend Kaito at the upcoming trial (well the King sends word to him in Madrid, so the request comes from the King).

I’m not sure I got all the details, tbh, about Raol. He’s clearly someone to keep an eye on. But, Jan is also part of the conspiracy, working with Raol it seems. :eyes:

p 39
New expressions learnt:
海千山千 うみせんやません cunning and experienced in the ways of the world; crafty and worldly-wise; sly old (fox)

不倶戴天の敵 ふぐたいてんのてき mortal enemy; sworn enemy; nemesis​

Vincente is clearly not fond of life at court. ^^; But, he’s trying his best to think of ways to protect Kaito.

Well, it’s finally time for Kaito’s trial. Luckily, he’s not alone here, but Vincente is there to support him.

So much legaleze .:sleepy: 不服申立て ふふくもうしたて petitioning (an administration) for redress; suing civilly to seek redress (for a court’s action); lodging an appeal​

But what is it Toredo proposes? Katakana madness did me in. ^^;

As I understood it, Philip II proposed relying on Toledo’s skills, but it was Vincente that made the formal plea to the King to send for Toledo from Madrid, and that was after having been informed about Toledo’s mixed alliances. :eyes:

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Chapter 3 thoughts*

We’re finally hearing from Jeoffrey and Nigel. <3

They’re doing preparations for their new roles. Specifically, Jeoffrey’s beautiful long hair becomes the victim. RIP. :cry: Also Marlowe, but I’m fine with that! XD

Also, Jeoffrey remembers Vincente vowing to treat Kaito as the most important person in the world, basically, I’m unsure how you really translate that sentence, but the sentiment is easy to get. So, what lies under that proclamation to Kaito? Jeoffrey, starts to wonder if it might be that Vincente is also seeking something more from being by Kaito’s side. :eyes:

I must say I enjoyed this chapter a lot, because I just love the interactions of the people on Gloria and Marlowe is a great addition to the mix. ^>^ And something a bit lighthearted felt like a nice change of pace as well. Also, finally Jeoffrey is on his way! :sob:

There was! Pretty stylish, and yes, like a noble - just like Nigel told him, :grin:


Volume 10 has officially been started~

Chapter 1

Man, another peek at Kazuya? Lucky us, though I have to say, the poor boy; it looks like life has just been a downhill slope for him ever since volume 1. Dad’s constantly at work, mom’s been driven to the other side of the globe by Kaito’s mother. It looks like he’s even taken up smoking as well? Don’t do it Kazuya. @.@ Man, surely he’s going to find another time slip to Kaito, right? There are very few ways this ends well for anyone/everyone.

Back with Kaito, we’re gearing up for the Inquisition. Man, I hope volume 5 wasn’t a practice run or anything for this. :S All that 拷問 strewn about the chapter… Ack. Well, it looks like we’ll be wasting no time getting to the trial, at least. A small bit of hilarity when Kaito accuses Vicente of 性差別, and Vicente’s “What?” aftewards. XD

I noticed one or two slipups this chapter with the quote formatting: one or two places where someone talked to Vicente (presumably in Spanish) but they were noted by 「」instead of 『』.

Chapter 2

So right off the bat, a couple of unknown words I wasn’t able to find any info on: 検邪聖省 and スプレマ. Anyone know what they mean, and how the first is supposed to be pronounced? The second reads like it’s supposed to be a place, at least.

Raul’s popping up again, this time as Kaito’s lawyer. We get confirmation from King Philp II himself that Raul’s an English spy; sounded like he’s Walsingham’s 蠍. Did Philip say that Raul is a double agent, though? He mentioned he was a 二重間諜, which I read as double agent, but am not sure if that’s right.

Sounds like Vicente’s had girl problems in the past, too. :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder what his romantic history is… We finally learn a bit of how Vicente learned English, incidentally! Apparently he was tutored by the man who helped put together a rescue plan for Queen Mary.

Raul shows up to the trial and immediately throws it into a tizzy by lodging a レクサシオン, so this should be interesting. Research seems to indicate that a レクサシオン is a 不服申し立て, so I wonder what his plan is.

On the side of the inquisition we have ペドロ・デ・サラテ. There’s this guy on Wikipedia, but he should be dead by this point, which makes me think it’s not him…

And finally! This volume has illustrations again!

(Ch 1 spoilers)
Were there three? I feel like I didn’t see a reference to a third person. :thinking:

(Ch 1 spoilers)

Hahaha, the kiss was after Kaito threatened to remain on earth as a ghost and haunt Vicente too, haha. That was a pretty cute scene, despite Kaito’s horrible situation.

(Ch 1 spoilers)

He might actually be doing research in the library; they can store archives of newspapers and such, so perhaps he’s doing research on disappearances that way?

Oh no. D: Don’t tell me what happens now, but I’ll have to be on my guard potentially…

(Ch 1 spoiler)

Not only that, but he keeps attracting all these greedy spirits to him as well! Dang Kaito, your rap sheet grows…

(Ch 1 spoiler)

Yeah, I definitely agree; Vicente’s really fighting an upward battle here, and “Don’t cry, Kaito. It’s not appropriate for a man about to be sent to be interrogated by the Inquisition for bogus charges. Oh yeah you’ll probably be tortured.” is…yeah. The situation has never been worse… amazing I’d be saying that after Walsingham.

(Ch 1 spoilers)

This whole section was rough. :frowning: Poor, poor Kazuya. And dang at Kaito reflecting that that cell was the safest place he could be right now…

I was so surprised when this popped up; I saw it just yesterday in a WK thread for the first time!

(Ch. 2 spoilers)
The chapter ended before we found out, so you’re still good!


This is the supreme council of the Inquisition
Supreme Council of the Inquisition | Spanish history | Britannica

As for 検邪聖省 I’m also not sure about that one. :eyes: it’s probably a case of using less common kanji here. maybe?


Good point! :eyes: That’s probably it actually. :slight_smile:


Right, I forgot to comment on that. I don’t think there was either. there was just Lily being mentioned. The retold story is from the POV of her then partner, while she’s just the person going missing.


I feel like this is also significant. Well, mostly the symbolism of it. From someone basically pure of heart to something akin to a delinquent lifestyle? Well, hinted at. And the police officer’s questioning about him perhaps doing drugs, just adds to that image, even if Kazuya denies that being the case.


Chapter 3 done.

This was a Geoffrey chapter; seems he, Nigel, and Kit are on the Gloria and on their way to Spain! We get further deep lore for Nigel and Kit’s relationship - looks like Kit likes to wind Nigel up purposely because he thinks Nigel is really good-looking when he’s threatening to stab Kit, haha. Both Kit and Geoffrey cut their hair; it sounded like Kit just got a really short cut, while Geoffrey’s still comes down to his shoulders. We got a nice picture to go with it!

(Ch3 spoilers)

It’s kind of interesting; as far as I can recall, that’s the only face-to-face meeting Geoffrey’s had with Vicente, right? Vicente’s fixation at that point must have left quite an impact…

(Ch 3 spoilers)
I agree! This was a really nice chapter! I’ll be sad when Kit leaves the crew again. :cry: But I’m looking forward to Kaito making his way back to them; Ewan needs to return his money, after all. :eyes:


(Ch 1)

That was my impression as well.

Oh, I see! I was tripped up by the sentence もう一人同じ体験をした成人男性がいる - I thought this referred to a person (clearly not Lily because male) who had the experience of disappearing, not of having somebody else disappear. Thanks for filling me in!
By the way, I thought that Lily disappeared on the Isle of Wight? Did she live in Plymouth at the time, or why would a (presumably local?) newspaper have information on her disappearance?


(Ch 1 spoilers)

I’d have to go back and check. :thinking: I was thinking she was in Plymouth for a concert at the time, but I don’t remember off the top of my head.

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No, she went to the Isle of Wight where the concert took place.


I totally can’t remember the details of her story now, so can’t say for sure, but I would assume from the story of it all that she also disappeared on the Hoe? :thinking: Writing it down, I feel like I from the drama CDs didn’t make me think so though. :thinking:

I can’t remember it appears, so sorry. ^^’


Hmm, dang. I’ll see if I can find where she was talking about it after work.


:rofl: For sure, and not just him. All the other crew members, whoever they were, needs to do the same for sure. :joy: