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Isidore the Labourer 聖イシドロ (Ch 7, p 179) Isidore the Laborer - Wikipedia
Sir Martin Frobisher (Ch 6, p 162) Martin Frobisher - Wikipedia
Miguel de Cervantes (Ch1, p 17) Miguel de Cervantes - Wikipedia
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Chapter 1 thougths

I really did read quickly through chapter 11 of vol 11.

But this settles it why there was so little to do about Kaito’s other injuries (I’m still doubtful I get it). But, his hand was injured trying to protect himself from Eboli’s knife, but still, shouldn’t that bleed quite a lot! That’s how hands are to me. in any case, I feel relieved that there is apparently not major injury for Kaito. :relieved:

Anyway, it seems the events were interpreted like Eboli giving Kaito a scare, not like she actually hurt him. Though, Vincente was thinking about his wish for revenge in chapter 12 of vol 11, he accepted that there would be no such thing.

Anyway, with Vincente having went away, Kaito knows the plan is now ongoing! :eyes:

Well, not so fast, this chapter has a lot of recap going on. I guess, it’s to be expected of a light novel, but it still feels frustrating at times like this to recover past ground, before being able to continue with current events. ^^; it’s also a step back to look at the wider world events.

Well, after eating, Kaito and Leo are on their way back, when Leo notes there’s a smoky smell in the air. Kit comes running, telling them there’s a fire! :fire: And that they need to make a move on to safety! This is all part of the plan, clearly, giving Kit a chance to lead Kaito away from the castle.

Poor Kaito is wrecked with feelings of guilt for deceiving and leaving Leo and Vincente. :c There is no turning back here, but still, that doesn’t make it easier.


Chapter 2, thoughts

They arrive outside and meet Raul. He’s clearly having too much fun with all of this. :sweat_smile: Raul creates a pretense for them to leave the castle grounds and move to a “safer place”. While Leo raise some concerns, Raul has no problem running circles round him. ^^; he also manage to send Kit on an errand to look for body guards for their group. I have a bad feelings about this…Kit should stick with Kaito really. ^^;; thought, it seems to be a way to get Jeoffrey and Nigel to join them.

Leo takes his duties to Kaito (well vincente really), very seriously, as he prepares to give his life protecting Kaito. Also, handing him his shortsword. Leo and Kaito finally has a real heart to heart, where Leo confess his feelings of jealousy toward Kaito, as he became the sun of Vincente’s world, with little place for Leo. Damn right! Vincente needs to share the love here! :triumph: Well, Kaito can’t return the openness, sadly. :C Kaito don’t want to see Leo come to harm, but don’t know how to achieve that. Ganba, Kaito!

They arrive at a manor and get inside. Leo is trying his best to protect Kaito,once it’s clear that they’re cornered by men with weapons. he jumps into the fray to allow Kaito a chance to escape. As Leo goes down, Kaito try to save him only to be caught from behind. He stands no chance here. And Raul knows just how to get to him, threatening to harm Leo as he lies there unconscious. :C

We, get some more info on Raul’s motivations and allegiances. :eyes: Not to mention the totally creepy confession that the reason he put Kaito though the ordeal to prove his virginity is because, Raul already took his chance to check Kaito before. :grimacing: Kaito has every reason to be livid about that.

Meanwhile, Kaito is forced to again vow he’ll do as Raul tells him, or his friends will get hurt. Leo gets taken away to create a diversion for Vincente.

I must say, I’m confused as to the role Raul has for Jeoffrey, Nigel and Kit here. Since Raul had Kaito all to himself just now, surely that would be the best time to just move him wherever he wanted to? :thinking: But, I’m very relieved to see these 4 reunite once more. :slight_smile: I guess, it seems Raul is counting on the merchant convoy’s body guards to keep the 4 of them from fleeing. And their guide, Rick, is doing much of the same. Though how that can be I don’t get. They’re 3 people (ignoring Kaito) that could restrain him.

Well, they’re on the move now and Nigel finally get to chat with Kaito. ^>^ Though the talk turns serious, as Kaito’s coughing condition is still an issue.


So yesterday I was on a long and late train ride back home, and the book I was reading was somehow quite tiring (it still is today after having caught enough sleep, so there’s that) but yesterday I figured I might want to switch books. I did not have the F&B extra story with me but of course I had all my ebooks, so I may or may not have read the first chapter of this volume already :sweat_smile:

Chapter 1.

Vicente is gone, and Kaito finds himself alone with Leo. They go to have breakfast, when Leo notices a burnt smell. Soon after that they bump into Kit who breaks the news that the stable is on fire, and takes them along to the outside of the castle where it is safe. Kaito of course realizes (also thanks to Kit’s wink) that this is the rescue procedure that has started. But he is of course worried - what if one of the horses gets killed due to the fire? He would feel very bad about this. But he’s actually feeling much worse about the prospect of leaving Vicente and Leo behind - he knows that Vicente will fall from grace when Kaito’s disappearance is discovered. But he also knows that now the operation has started, and so it must proceed…

Not such an important detail, but I thought they were still on their way to breakfast? :thinking:


And I’m not sure why you think that? I can’t remember the passage clearly though. ^^’

Chapter 3 thoughts

they’re on their way, making plans for how to shake both Raul and Vincente off their trail! There are worries about getting through wolf territory also! :wolf: Kaito, still don’t know how to ride a horse, so that complicates things. But most of all, they need to stay hidden from sight. In the end, they all get into a covered wagon, so they can’t be spotted from ways off.

As cramped and hot it is in the wagon, Jeoffrey teach Kaito some rudimentary sign language and they come up with some signs just for the two of them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But, Kaito, who can’t follow a conversation fully rests while the 3 of them make their plans to bribe Rick and so escape Raul (and Vincente): it starts bribing Rick!


Chapter 4 thoughts

Back to Vincente’s POV! He and Alonso are still riding their horses hard. :horse_racing::horse_racing: trying to get back and then to catch up to Kaito and Jeoffrey. Vincente is all to aware that even if he were to kill Jeoffrey, he can’t break the bond Kaito and he shares. He also realize that Kaito was never truly at peace or happy around him. Still, he can’t just let Kaito go.

i just love the new art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They encounter the men who are searching for the romani and so Vincente and Alonso learn about the fire. Raul is hiding his involvement by having gotten himself injured, though Vincente isn’t fooled. They end up trying to catch up to the son with the dislike for Vincente to hear more.

I’m not done yet, but will write more later on…

Edit: so, they find the duke (archduke, I keep forgetting which his rank is), who’s already pretty angry about the whole fire situation, but now he also learns it because someone caused all this ruckus just to kidnap what he thinks is a slave (kaito). he’s not happy about it, but Alonso proves his worth by charming him into more positive thinking about the family’s relationship to the king Philip II, thanks to taking Kaito in.

They get to chat with Raul, and Vincente has all reason to be very sus about hsi story of how he got himself injured. Big wound, but still. :eyes: And he’s not pleased to hear Raul only got 2 body guards to accompany them either. :sweat_smile: He knows Raul is up to bad stuff, even if he has no proof yet! Raul spins his story of how it happened. At the very least, he’s truthful about Jeoffrey being present. ^^’ (though this is mentioned just to rile Vincente up)

Vincente also hears about Leo’s bravery :face_holding_back_tears: and that Kaito tried to protect him. :heart: Though, the memory of Kaito’s ability to protect those he love also brings the realization that Vincente was actually also envious of Nigel back on the Hoe, when Kaito demanded his life be spared. Poor Vincente, he’s really in it bad. :sweat_smile: But, I do feel a disconnect within him, in that he does recognize just how kind and broadminded Kaito is, while his response is to wanna keep him for himself, even locking him up to do so. So, my empathy for Vincente is lacking, tbh. Only by letting go, will he be worthy of Kaito’s affection. Though, there is a part of his internal monologue that again recognize exactly this, him not being worthy if he continue to knowingly choose actions that he knows will hurt Kaito. ^^

well, finally, the gypsy group is spotted some ways off and among them a wagon. Vincente is off hoping he’s find Kaito among them.


So in my mind Kaito got ready to go to breakfast and was reminded by Leo to bring his own plate and cutlery. Which sent him on a trip down memory lane regarding the history of cutlery and dishes and how people used to eat and stuff. Then he returns from that train of thought into reality, and they set off. In the corridor they meet Kit. - At least that’s how I remember it. :woman_shrugging:

But as I said, it’s not relevant to the story so not all that important anyway.


Chapter 5 thoughts

I feel a bit bad for Vincente here, it’s essentially “the princess is in another castle” for him; there is no sight of Kaito among the romani group. They’ve been chasing the wrong people here. So, he does a little Kylo Ren-style of cutting stuff up with his (short) sword to get rid of his anger. ^^; But, really, he’s quite devastated about his loss of Kaito. :cry: he get’s his hopes up after realizing the wagon hadn’t been searched, but what he finds there brings him not the joy it should have: Leo unconscious, still he immediately felt disappointment in that it wasn’t Kaito. >_>

Well, so at least now Vincente knows Leo is safe, though hurt. It’s now clear that Kaito and Jeoffrey never were among the romani and that Leo was also used lead them away from their group. Leo comes around for a moment, already feeling guilt about not having protected Kaito as promised. Me to Vincente: “you’re a bit late in realizing how unfair and cruel your order to Leo was, him being but a child himself, who now has to live with his failure”. :sweat:

I really hate how the duke turns on the romani and threaten to kill them all at the sake! >:C Vincente steps in, since he sees use for these people, finding out more about Kaito’s whereabouts. And sells it as a way to cover-up the whole thing, so no “face” is lost for the duke toward the King (well if they can get Kaito back that is) :sweat:

Vincente, does his deal with Ruka, and so manage to puzzle together the whole thing and Raul’s involvement to get Kaito away from the palace (the poisoning), and now, away from Vincente.

I must say, I like that Vincente has finally come around to embrace the offer of friendship from Alonso! ^>^ I’m liking Lieva’s character more and more. Turns out, it’s the right move to confide in his suspicious about Raul to him. :slight_smile: Not to mention, his true feelings for Kaito, which Alonso was already noticing I think. :heart:


Chapter 6 thoughts

i’m honestly not sure what to make of the whole, “I don’t feel any hunger and never wanna eat thing”. It’s pretty prevalent in Japanese media, but I can’t say I understand it much. Most people, can’t subsist on nothing and if you wait to eat, you defo feel hunger. You can’t just skip this step. :sweat: it feels tropey, but most of all, makes me very distressed about Kaito, ngl. :sweat_drops: Just eat for goodness sake!

Anyway, we’re back to Kaito’s POV and it’s the next morning (?). Kaito is struggling to eat. But more than anything, since they’ve been apart for so long and they really haven’t had a good deep talk on their own, so Kaito and Jeoffrey try to touch on some of the stuff that’s been happening during their time apart. And, not surprisingly, Kaito’s mixed feelings about Vincente doesn’t sit well with Jeoffrey. it’s basically Stockholm syndrome, so yeah, it’s a hard one to swallow, but also for Jeoffrey feeling jealous, unsurprisingly. I just wished Kaito would stop playing games and just spit it out. He can handle it, if Kaito just lays it all bare. It’s because Kaito keeps this ever growing pile of secrets, not just from Jeoffrey but everyone else as well, that it would be strange if those around him wouldn’t start wondering where he stands and what he truly thinks - because he keeps lying to them. :C

Language question: what does しょーえね mean? :sweat_smile: it’s not said in English, so, whut?

Anyway, while Kaito is able to lay some of Jeoffrey’s worries to rest, there is one of his own that he can’t avoid: Jeoffrey will understandably want to get close and all that, while Kaito is worrying about possibly infecting him with his disease. So, he’s torn as he wants the closeness, but doesn’t feel he can allow it, while also not wanting to cause Jeoffrey to worry (so keeps it hidden). :face_holding_back_tears: Again, with the mountain of secrets, which is creating some mounting frustration for me as well :sweat_smile: I just wish for Kaito to be open about it - to be able to make sure their time together is used to the full! Not this wishy-washy thing. :sweat_drops: In any case, holding your breath isn’t going to be very helpful if you’re willing to sit close and speak with someone. ^^;

Still, I love the chapter art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There’s a lot going on! :eyes:

next up is a chat with Nigel about the new type of ships the spanish are building for their armada. Turns out Nigel has spotted some problems already from seeing the model.

it’s getting late for me, so this is it for tonight. Will read the rest of chapter 6 tomorrow I think! ^>^

Edit: continuation of the chapter: Well, Nigel now knows some of the weaknesses for the Spanish armada and crew: it will take time for them to master controlling these new ships, and nobody’s ain’t got time for that! :stuck_out_tongue: So, the Spanish will be sailing more wobbly ships, prone to side movements or rolling for us sailors! :sailboat: Beyond the Wow: The Six Types of Ship Motion | Nautilus Live But, yeah, Jan has done this design on purpose and so, he’s helping the English side though through subterfuge! Seriously, if this succeeds, he’s a bigger hero than Drake, imo! XD

Kaito, has lingering thoughts about Vincente, obviously, but recognizes that while he might have been kind to him, there will be bloodshed if he were to meet Jeoffrey. :crossed_swords:

Kaito and Nigel talk about Jan as well and then Nigel takes his chance to hold hands with Kaito. I think Kaito really needs have a long talk about their relationship at this point, because, there is plenty of reason why he should not fan the flames or create situations that also hurts Jeoffrey. :sweat: Surely, Kaito has already made his choice between the two of them? though, he does seem confused about how to handle Nigel being open about his feelings. Maybe he’s truly going for the threesome solution? :sweat_smile: (well, he does get angry about the new situation of having two suitors after him)

Also, Kaito doesn’t seem very healthy, but he things it’s getting worse even. :C


Hmmm… so I sneak-peeked a bit and there is an explanation, right? 体力を温存しているってこと。The only thing that would come to mind is the German word “schonen” which means exactly that :woman_shrugging: and given the fact that most medical terms are borrowed from German into Japanese, it would even make sort of sense? (but I have not context obviously, and I’m not going to read more around that sentence :sweat_smile: so I could be way off here)

EDIT: OK I googled and it seems to be 省エネ - Jisho.org though :rofl:
(like I said, way off :sweat_smile:)


lol from 省エネルギー! XD Gotta hand it to the Japanese for making energy efficient words? :sweat_smile: But, it explains the strange search results I got, which I just couldn’t make sense off! ^^ Thanks for pointing me in the right direction here. He’s clearly using a concept that’s modern life and Japanese to boot!


Chapter 7 thoughts

Vincente was not joking about having Raul tormented until he gave up Kaito’s position. ^^; Well, turns out he’s he’s much more forthcoming after being dragged by horses along the coarse mountain road. >< ouch!

In any case, they’re off chasing after Kaito (with a still bleeding Raul strapped to a horse’s back. ^^; ). They get a room for the night as a thunderstorm draws in. Alonso try to bring back Vincente down to earth regarding Kaito. Without much luck. I do love these two and their growing cameraderie! <3

Then Vincente makes a visit to where Raul is held. Raul is surprisingly forthcoming now, though, like the snake he is, he also entice Vincente with proof of Alonso’s and Sidonia’s alliance to his cause. Vincente almost goes full Batman on this Joker. ^^; But, realize the futility of hitting Raul, as he’s just enjoying riling him up and seeing others hurt emotionally. I guess, Raul is spending the night on his own then.


Chapter 8 thoughts

Kaito is doubling down on keeping his sickness hidden from Jeoffrey, who clearly still sense there’s something wrong. They’ve changed means of transport now though, to horses, to twart anyone tracking them. They also ride at night along the mountain roads.

But, they’re out of luck, a whole group of people is heard approaching. It’s Vincente and Alonso, dragging Raul with them, coming for them! :grimacing: They’re vastly outnumbered here and so Kaito again suggests him taking on the burden to shield his loved ones from harm: giving himself up so at least the rest of them cab escape. Jeoffrey is having nothing of it, but Kaito is one stubborn guy and once he’s gotten an idea, it’s nigh impossible to turn him from it. And so, Kaito stays behind while the others take off to hide from the pursuers (well, Kaito makes Kit force them to do so :sweat_smile: ).

And so, Kaito and Vincente meets once again. But, under very different circumstances now, with Vincente having realized his deep feelings for Kaito. Well, Vincente is well aware how deeply Kaito cares about Jeoffrey, and Kaito begging for their lives isn’t enough. Alonso being their, reminding Vincente of his duties to the king, isn’t helping either. As they move out, Kaito shouts for hem to stop and ends up with a severe coughing fit and having to get help spitting up more blood.

Vincente finally realize Kaito’s condition (thanks to Raul being on hand to verify it) and this changes everything. Knowing that Kaito is already fighting for his life, he realize his folly in forcing Kaito to live out the rest of his life locked up, hating him. He finally cracks and lets Kaito go on, spending his time with Jeoffrey. :sob:

As Kaito makes his way back to Jeoffrey and the others, he still doesn’t come clean about hsi severe condition. :woman_facepalming: Not sure what he’s trying to accomplish here, as he simply just can’t keep it all to himself. :sweat:

Chapter 9 thoughts

Well, this chapter is mostly a way to wrap up this story arc I guess, but essentially, Kaito and Jeoffrey have made it to France, manage to get a row boat and make their way out, to be picked up by Gloria! :sailboat: It’s a bitter sweet reunion, happy, but the underlying problems for Kaito going forward are just beginning…

On page 226 there is a good list of who’s role is what onboard. I don’t think it was mentMajor spoilersioned in such clarity before. :eyes:

In any case, this has been a roller-coaster of a volume and I’m very happy to see Kaito back on Gloria, finally. I’ve missed them all as well! :face_holding_back_tears: This final chapter of unguarded happiness is sweet after all the bitter spice of previous chapters for sure. But, that’s not all happening here either…dun dun dun! Kaito has yet another dream about Kazuya at the library, apparently still looking for clues at to his wereabouts! ::books:

Major spoilers
At the library, Kazuya is startled by one of the girls who was on the Hoe when Kaito disappeared. Amy was the sister that didn’t speak to the cops about what she saw, but she knows Kazuya has been coming to the library daily and so she intends to lend a hand; loaning him a book handed down for several generations in her family about Corwall’s fairies. :eyes: And Amy mentions again the fairy ring, that Lily thought she say. :eyes: More interestingly, from what Amy knows from her grandmother and the book, it’s hinted that while the book mentions Midsummer’s Eve and Halloween, the issue is how time is understood by the fairies, not humans. And so, I guess, the timing for Kaito to do the time-slip was the “correct” in fairy time?

Well, we’ve gotten something of an explanation for why Kaito ended up back in time now. And now also Kaito knows about this, as well as about Kazuya’s conviction that he’ll be able to save Kaito from wherever he is. That’s true friendship right there! :sob: And on that note, the volume finally ends with strong foreshadowing. dun dun dun (well, not before again reminding us about Kaito’s unresolved issues of still not having been open with Jeoffrey about him being sick now. ^^; )

So I guess as a mini heads-up, I’m planning on starting volume 12 May 1. That should give me time to finish up a few more of the short stories (I’ve got 5 left for those up through volume 11). I gotta say, I’ve been getting antsy on starting 12, though; I gotta know what happens next. :persevere: Thank goodness we don’t have to wait for these books to release.


May 1 sounds good! I’d like to finish another book before that, but I should manage to do that this week or early next week at the latest. I thought of filling the gap with some F&B short stories, but I don’t have much time in the week of May 1st, so I will probably continue Vol. 12 straight away so that you can catch up with me while I’m busy (travelling with a friend :grin:). I think that should work out more or less - and if I happen to advance too fast, I can always read a short story in between.


Sounds good to me! :+1: If you need any suggestions for any short stories to prioritize, there’s a few I’d appreciate a second pair of eyes on in order to figure out where they are timeline-wise.


Oh, sure! Just let me know which ones you’re thinking of, and I’ll see what I can do.

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Should be 手紙 and 抱擁 from the vol. 11 bonus stories. They’re both pretty short, so they shouldn’t take you much time at all.

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Ok! :+1:

While we’re at it, shouldn’t 妖精の分け前 go in the Vol. 11 bracket as well? It was published in Jan. 2009 (is my understanding from its name) and Vol. 12 only came out in March that year, so I’d expect it could move up to after Vol. 11, what do you think?

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