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This thread is about the bonus material that was released after Volume 10.

The following extra stories were published after volume 10 and before volume 11:

  • 予感: A pamphlet published as part of the publisher’s Chara Birthday Fair series in 2007. Also included in the digital edition of the first Flesh&Blood volume.
  • 幸福: Released in the 2007 edition of Chara Collection Extra, a mail-order book containing short stories from the publisher’s (Chara’s) lineup.
  • 学園フレッシュ・アンド・ブラッド: Found in Flesh&Blood extra 3, the fourth F&B doujinshi published by the author 松岡なつき, published September 30, 2007.
  • 学園フレッシュ・アンド・ブラッド2: Found in Flesh&Blood extra 4, the fifth F&B doujinshi published by the author 松岡なつき, published December 31, 2007.
  • 女王陛下の海賊たち: Released in the 2007年 12月号 edition of the magazine 小説Chara, vol. 17.
Which of the bonus materials have you read?
  • 予感
  • 幸福
  • 学園フレッシュ・アンド・ブラッド
  • 学園フレッシュ・アンド・ブラッド2
  • 女王陛下の海賊たち
  • None so far

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When discussing the short story(s) for each volume, let’s figure out:

  • When in the books’ timeline this short story takes place, and
  • When a new reader should read the short story for best “timeline flow” (i.e., after which volume and/or chapter.)
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Linked most of this volume’s shorts; I have a pile of doujinshi I still need to work through. -.-;

Also, I’m pretty sure that 女王陛下の海賊たち might be Kit’s first meeting with G&N, @ekg and @NicoleIsEnough! That’s the impression I got from a quick glance at the title page/first page while snapping pictures. It might be from his perspective as well. :eyes:


@NicoleIsEnough and @pyororon I reset this poll, so please re-vote!