"Flesh&Blood" Pirate Series Reading Club 🏴‍☠ ⛵

:warning: Important Announcement! :warning:

I just got copies of the two F&B gaidens, and just learned that they contain reprinted stories of some of the F&B bonus stories! Seems to specifically be the ones from 小説Chara. Rejoice! Now you can all read proper digital versions! (Of just some of the 小説Chara stories; 5 have not been reprinted in these books.)

Book 1 contains:

Book 2 contains:

  • 昨日の友 (originally published in 小説Chara vol. 25)
  • 舟遊び (originally published in 小説Chara vol. 27)
  • 人の望みの喜びよ (originally published in 小説Chara vol. 30)
  • 流浪の森を抜けて (newly written for this book)
  • 祝福されたる花 (newly written for this book)

I’ve only checked out the stories I’ve read so far (ミニアと呼ばれた男 and 女王陛下の海賊たち) for a quick glance at differences. ミニア’s original art is not included in this reprint of the story, but both it and 海賊たち have a new piece of art done by F&B’s current illustrator.

In light of the fact that these are now known to be easily available, I’ll be taking down my scans of ミニア and 海賊たち, and will not make scans of the other stories available. I’ll see if I can still post any original art for these stories, though.

Edit: I’m going to change the page counts for these printed stories to match what’s in the book vs. the original printing, since more people are likely to read the reprint vs. the original. (Example: ミニア was originally printed over 31 pages in the magazine, but is printed over 90 in the reprint.) I’ll make sure to leave note of the original page count, however.