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This thread is about the bonus material that was released after Volume 1.

The following extra stories were published after volume 1 and before volume 2:

  • Vita Umbratilis: Published in Vivace 12, a doujinshi published by 松岡なつき. (Note: the actual release date of this doujinshi has been guessed at, since no publishing date was printed in the book itself.)
  • (Note: while 予感 was published as part of the digital version of volume 1 of F&B, it was originally published post volume 10; please go to that thread for all discussion of this story.)
Which of the bonus materials have you read?
  • Vita Umbratilis
  • None so far

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When discussing the short story(s) for each volume, let’s figure out:

  • When in the books’ timeline this short story takes place, and
  • When a new reader should read the short story for best “timeline flow” (i.e., after which volume and/or chapter.)
Historical Figures and Groups
Places and Rivers
Historical Events, Things etc.
Historical Inaccuracies