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This thread is about the bonus material that was released after Volume 8.

There is only one extra story that was published after volume 8 and before volume 9:

  • 誓い: published as a stand-along doujinshi by 松岡なつき herself under the circle name サブローサ. The doujinshi book itself is titled “Flesh and Blood”, and was published August 14, 2005.

Which of the bonus materials have you read?

  • 誓い
  • None so far

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When discussing the short story(s) for each volume, let’s figure out:

  • When in the books’ timeline this short story takes place, and
  • When a new reader should read the short story for best “timeline flow” (i.e., after which volume and/or chapter.)

Just one bonus story in volume 8’s slot this time; it’s the first of 松岡なつき’s self-published Flesh&Blood doujinshi: link. (Please let me know if you can’t access it!) Fun fact: 松岡先生 has a long history of publishing bonus stories as doujinshi for her formally published work; I’m hoping to make a nice little chart one day.


Just a heads up for this doujin + future bonus stories where I was taking pictures of the pages: these are very roughly cleaned, just a crop + auto leveling. I let the auto-leveler do its job and mostly didn’t interfere, so if you see some uneveness in lighting and whatnot as you flip through, just blame GIMP.


I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but for the doujinshi do we know yet if they’re an extra adding to the main story or more of an au situation? Mostly curious about this one in particular because I keep seeing (possible spoiler) Nigel x Kaito :eyes: in the title when I’ve been browsing second hand stores.


I believe it should be the former (not sure about the possible school doujinshi yet, though). I was flipping through this one the other day before bed, and it appears to cover Nigel’s thoughts and developing relationship with Kaito starting with volume 1 all the way up through, presumably, volume 8.


I see, that makes sense, we haven’t seen much from Nigel’s perspective in the main story so it’ll be interesting to get more insight into his thoughts. Ngl though wouldn’t have minded an au where Nigel gets a chance :joy:

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Right? Sign me up for that.

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Hooo, this story is really promising! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is set right after Vol. 7 chapter 3, after their arrival in Plymouth.

誓い Chapter 1.

The story is being told from Nigel’s POV.

Nigel has just seen Kaito and Geoffrey off, and of course he knows full well what they are up to. :sob: :sob: He returns to his house to meet Joe and Kuu, who manage to cheer him up a bit, but his thoughts keep returning to Kaito. He is not even very hungry, which, together with Geoffrey not coming to stay with him, is of course noticed by Joe, but he does not investigate further. Nigel goes to bed early.

So this is how 松岡先生 makes up for the chapters of the main books not being from Nigel’s perspective in the overwhelming majority of chapters, it seems :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t say I can complain about this choice. I just hope this story will not be as soulcrushing as it seems to start out…

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誓い Chapter 2.

This is sooo heartwrenching, oh my god :sob: :sob:
Nigel goes to bed but of course cannot fall asleep. Instead he relives everything he encountered with Kaito so far. Which is pretty soulcrushingly sweet and bitter. I mean, of course I understood that Nigel has feelings for Kaito, but I guess seeing the depth of his feelings, and in his own words, is yet something different. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cry:

Of course he also thinks about Geoffrey. In the end he is very clear that he wants them both: Kaito’s love and Geoffrey’s friendship. So it’s not a matter of whom he should choose - choosing one would make him lose the other one. Instead, he should not choose at all. - At that point, Kuu comes to visit him, and Nigel lets him sleep on his bed and is happy to cuddle with him.

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誓い Chapter 3.

The next morning, Nigel still feels down but he agrees to go to the festival with Joe because he knows that Joe wouldn’t go alone and entertain himself while Nigel is at home or at work. (You sure you didn’t accidentally hire a Japanese housekeeper, Nigel? :rofl:)
At the market, they bump into a lot of people who want to talk to Nigel because they invested in the ship’s tour and they want to get their revenues. Also, the mayor’s wife chats him up and offers him his daughter to marry! :exploding_head: He sure is popular in town. But he is not even able to make nice conversation in his current mood. Then, Kaito appears on Sam’s cart, and we see the scene from Nigel’s perspective.

誓い Chapter 4.

This scene is of course about the events on the Hoe, this time from Nigel’s perspective. Sooo heartwrenching, really! :heart_eyes_cat: :sob:

I liked this story very very much! All in all I’m getting the hang of reliving certain events from other people’s perspectives, I’m hoping the other stories keep being as interesting!

This story runs in parallel with Vol. 7 Ch. 4 - 8 (i.e. up to the end of the volume) so I highly recommend to read it after Vol. 7 at the earliest.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot to mention: Nigel’s grandma was scared of going to the Hoe because there seemed to be rumours about ghosts and fairies; and on one occasion she even saw a person in strange clothes who was speaking in a strange way :eyes:

EDIT 2: Forgot to mention but I think there are two typos in the book (it’s so rare to have typos in Japanese books that I feel like I should mention them):
p. 24 与えてくえたカイト pretty sure this is くれた
p. 38 恩寵をを与えられた there should of course be only one を

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Just a heads up that it may be a few more days before I can get started with 誓い @NicoleIsEnough. Just been real busy lately. @.@

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Phew, I finally rise from the dead! It’s a slow rise; I only read part 1 last night, but I’m coming to the point where I’m going to have to make peace with the fact that I’m not likely going to be able to stay on top of my other book club book’s chapters. Work’s just been terrible lately. :\ At least with these F&B extras they’re just going to be little chunks of story, compared to a whole novel, so it should be easier to break them up…

Anyhow, angsty Nigel always makes me feel better. Not a whole lot to report on for part 1; we get to better meet ジョー (Joe → Joseph) and get to say hi to クー again. :smiley:

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Part 2 finally finished! I actually started it way back on Wednesday, but this week has just been so flat out awful. I woke up Thursday morning and realized I had retained nothing of what I read the night before, so I just chalked the week up as a lost cause.

Probably a good thing, honestly; after some hours of sleep I can confirm that part 2 is all just miserable Nigel, haha. Maaan, I know I say this a lot, but it’s gonna be real rough if after all this heartbreak Nigel is just casually tossed to the side or whatever. I’m counting on you, 松岡先生. On a lighter note, I found it hilarious how Kit didn’t even factor into Nigel’s reminisces. No “he set prostitutes on me” or anything; the man doesn’t even factor into Nigel’s life. : P If a threesome between our leading men is a steep slope, Kit/Nigel is a boulder actively crushing you, haha.

Gonna try to read as much as I can today; I’m pretty sure next week’s going to be just as awful. -.-; Good thing we decided to read extras for a bit @NicoleIsEnough; there’s not as much pressure to hurry on with the craziness of the main series.


Part 3 finished. Nigel finally gets a little bit of good karma his way when he can meet up with Kaito at the fair. (I see you over there Pippo; get out of here.) I’m a bit surprised Geoffrey is known as both an atheist and homosexual around town; I’m pretty sure both of those things were illegal at that time. Let’s just chalk it up to being an alternate world, eh.

Small fun fact: Nigel mentions that Kaito’s white teeth got a lot of questions at the Queen’s palace. I don’t know about white teeth, but black teeth were apparently a bit of a mark of high society at the time, since it was a sign you were rich enough to eat enough sugar to rot your teeth.

Man, knowing what’s going to happen with Nigel and Kaito in the next parts, I can totally see why Nigel does what he going to do. I’m guessing 松岡先生 didn’t want to slow down the main series with too many viewpoints, which is smart, though Nigel is such an important character it kind of throws things out of balance imo. At least we get Vicente in parts.

Well, regardless, I’m super looking forward to reading what’s next from Nigel’s POV. Kaito didn’t really get to dwell on it much, so now’s my chance to relive it~

(Also, I need someone to reply to me plz for post limits.)

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I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying this book so much; I also thoroughly enjoyed it! About 松岡先生 not having Nigel’s viewpoint as much, that’s a bit of a mystery to me honestly… He is such an important character for the overall series and development. So I’m extra happy to have these side texts where we can see much more of him!

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Okay, I’ve got like 10-15 pages left of part 4 (I’m at the part where Nigel realizes they’re surrounded), but I won’t be able to read and finish it until later today, so I thought I’d go ahead and type up a few thoughts here first:

  • Nigel’s mother mentioned fairies at the Hoe that steal people away is very interesting, especially her mother’s description of “a man wearing strange clothes and speaking a different language”. The time tunnels are, as far as we know, one-way beasts, so I’m not sure the logistics of this being an experience with a time traveler, but it’s a neat idea. If that’s not the case, then it could be further proof of the supernatural existing in this world, which is also super cool.

  • Nigel’s focus on owning a possession of a loved one is pretty interesting. …I guess I don’t have much more to say than that so far; I wonder if it’ll come up in the main series? If anything ever happens to Kaito, I could see Nigel taking over ownership of Blackie.

  • It’s pretty apparent here how much time was skipped over in Kaito’s account of the Hoe trip; they search around for at least half an hour, and Nigel sits and lets Kaito sleep a bit before making his move. Originally I was wondering how Vicente and his men had gotten into position so fast, but our boys gave them plenty of time.

  • “Hmm, there are like ten men surrounding us. I don’t want to alarm Kaito, so I’ll tell him there are like, five, maybe six.” I loled a bit at that; that’s still a pretty alarming number when it’s just the two of you, Nigel.

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Vol. 11 spoiler:

Isn’t that exactly what happened, with Nigel bringing Blackie along with the search party to Spain? Or am I imagining things? :thinking:

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Ah, no, you’re correct! I was thinking more along the lines of “Kaito dies or gets sucked back into the modern world”, haha. I was very proud of Nigel for his progress, though.

And done! Man, that ending. I knew it was all coming, of course, but it’s such an intense scene. My man Vicente gets some sick screentime as well: “I’ve been thinking, what’s the best way to put the fear of God in a one-eyed man?” Brutal. Nigel’s little mini-communion with Kaito was also interesting; yet another example where Kaito is compared to the divine. I wonder if heather and gorse’s flower languages include the ones 松岡 picked? I’ll need to look it up sometime.

I’m in total agreement with you here; that’s the definition minimum reading for sure. I’ll add it to the spreadsheet. :+1:

Same here! They’re not really story-heavy or anything, more like snacks, but that’s probably for the best. Partially as a palate cleanser for the main series, partially because I’m sure part of the fandom would die in a frothing rage if important story stuff was only found in one pamphlet they printed about 200 copies of.

It’s also really nice to see others’ perspectives. I really like the way 松岡先生 writes her characters; they’re all so fun.

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