"Flesh&Blood" - Bonus Material for Vol. 11 🏴‍☠ ⛵

Finished chapter 2 of 流離. Man, that was a rough chapter. You open with horrible opium-induced nightmares and close with Nigel’s confession to Geoffrey and the subsequent breaking of their friendship. Hopefully we can only go up from here, right…?

Edit 4/27/23: And done! Chapter 3 was like half the book, haha. This last half was much happier reading than the first for sure; Nigel talks a little bit about how he’s come to really like Blackie, and recounts an evening he shared with Kaito at the Queen’s palace. The scene he recounts takes place after 幸福, which was really neat. We end the book with the scene at the end of volume 8, with Geoffrey and Nigel finding Geoffrey’s keys wedged in the wreckage of the Vicente’s ship’s foremast.

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