Fitler reviews by SRS type


I leveled up quite quickly from level 33-39 without finishing the vocab lesson for those levels. Now I have about 200 vocabs from those lessons waiting for me to finish. I am also trying to balance the large amount of daily reviews I get while bringing those 200 vocabs down.

My question is how do I filter the reviews to do the apprentice items first since they come more often. That way I can continue bringing down those new lessons and while clearing the bulk of my reviews.

I have the " sort type review" script where I can focus on whichever level I want to do first. However that doesn’t give me the option to sort by SRS level.

Also, how are the reviews ordered? Are the new reviews going to show up first or at the bottom of the current review batch.

Thanks a lot!!

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This is what you are looking for:

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