Review order by SRS level (Extension to alucardeck's review order)

Assuming a lot of people are like me, 100+ of reviews at all time. The current review order script is nice for lazy people like me, but I wanted my review to by sorted by SRS level, so that I get to review the new ones first and not forgetting it.

So, here’s an extension to the existing review order by alucardeck in case anyone feels the same

Open up your script editor and find this line:

    console.log('Items removed from ActiveQueue: '+removedCount);

Then append these:

    for(var i2=10; i2>=0; i2–){

        for(var i=revList.length-1;i>=0;i–){

            var it=revList[i];







The result is a review order sorted by type (rad, kanji, vocab) then by SRS so you get to do the new ones first
But if you wanted to do the oldest ones first (those about to ‘burn’) then change the first line from

    for(var i2=10; i2>=0; i2–){


    for(var i2=0; i2<=10; i2++){

PS. NOT TESTED extensively yet, so may contain bugs