First Burns, WOO!

I know others have celebrated this feat before me, but I still feel like this is worth celebrating.

I’ll admit, I did end up taking a couple breaks from WK in the process. That’s why A) I’m only at level 5, and B) I’m burning several level 1 radicals and kanji at the same time. I’m not too worried about that, though. I did come back, and I let the SRS re-teach me anything I forgot.

Also, fun fact, the only 5 items I missed this review session were all at Apprentice. I didn’t miss any potential burns!

Now then… Let’s get the other 8,766. :triumph:


:fire: :turtle: x 8,766 :fire::durtle_hello:



After a break of 4 months I decided to reset to level 2 before recommencing lessons, and was a bit surprised to also get my first burns while doing my first set of reviews in ages - does feel weird having 75 burns on second level, but I agree with you that it’s worth celebrating :tada::confetti_ball:

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