Finally my first burn T____T

2235 enlightened stuff but still no burns haha. Felt like it would never come! It feels good but at the same time I also anticipate a higher amount of reviews on average? Does this tend to be true?

Also, I don’t mean to show off or anything, I just feel relieved. I go to a college in Japan so my input of Japanese is a lot higher than most and I’ve been studying for awhile so im not special or anything. Just feels good to finally have them turtles gone :slight_smile:


My god you’re incredible!

I know you said that wasn’t why you made the topic, but we know you wanted it deep down.


LOL, I think we all just want a pat on the back or an お疲れ!from our brothers working hard at Japanese at least a little bit. It helps us push forward and learn to push each other as well I think. As long as its all about the love ya know?


Great feeling!

Wowow, level 20 before your first burn? You must have flown through the levels because you already know what you’re doing, right? I’m level 12 after a year of near daily effort - simply because of how many I get wrong. I think I was around level 8 when I got my first burn.

Might I ask how long it took you in terms of months to get to this point? And congrats btw! I only just signed up so have a loooooong way to go. We’ll get there though.

Yeah, the early levels at first I could just ignore whatever mnemonics and such because I know those Kanji so well that changing how I learned them would of been detrimental in my opinion. Initially I wanted to do the same with the radicals. But around the first time I got an enlightened, I realized the power that relearning could have, including radicals. Even though I knew them very well, once I found out that new Kanji I just learned felt more comfortable than Kanji I had known for two years, I decided to pay more attention. But again, I have time to dedicate to Wanikani and general Japanese learning so it also helps. I think it wasn’t until level 15 where I slowed down my pace and really took time to try and remember these mnemonics thoroughly. I also began reading manga around level 12 or so but initially it was tough.

I started studying at a university for just one class each semester in the 2013 academic year. But the second semester was pretty much a repeat of the first semester and it was basic grammar. Then I went to a language school in Tokyo for 9 months. Despite me having class in college I started off at the lowest level haha. That school has 8 levels and is intense so I really didn’t learn much in college I suppose. I was taught a bunch of grammar at the school but vocab and kanji were lacking. Then another year back in college in America where I mostly solidified my grammar and learned some more vocab.

I got another chance to study abroad in Tokyo (lots of scholarships haha) and I was placed in the second highest level here but I felt suuuper behind everyone else. My vocab and kanji abilities were embarrassing in comparison to my peers. So I got frustrated and remembered my nihongo partner back home using this application and getting so good at reading. I think…before I started Wanikani I could recognized 800-1000 kanji in at least one word but maybe I couldnt remember the reading or what the kanji particularly meant. This makes reading damn near impossible for anything on my grammatical level. So I went forth and got this app. It’s amazing and I recommend you stick with it.

If I had to give a tip, even though our entry level experiences are different, embrace the mnemonics. If you have a creative mind, really begin to think hard about the situations or create your own if they aren’t easy to remember, but try your best to stick to the ones given as they build on each other. Sometimes I like to listen to music while I wanikani and that helps create imagery as well.

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I have just burnt my first items. Seventeen radicals feels as awesome as everything else :slight_smile: I love WaniKani. This is the first tool I am using this long, and have learnt so much. Can’t wait to burn more items.

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I’m about to get my first burn-eligibles in about 4 days. I’ve been flying through my reviews!:smiley:

That’s great! You must not skip a day haha. I think in the past few months I’ve tried to skip a day once in awhile to give myself a break. One time I went three days and another two days…never again LOL. How is your reading?

Yep, pretty much haven’t skipped a day. I get most levels done within about a 4-12 hour window of fastest possible completion, but there were one or two that really messed me up.

My reading is pretty good, but ironically I can’t read katakana so well, and I have yet to really start working on verb conjugation so most of the time I can’t really tell what the sentences are trying to say. Problems of self-learning :sweat_smile:

I’m about to start working for a (german) company, so I haven’t been focusing so much on learning japanese, just working through WaniKani.

btw I love tsunemori akane :heart_eyes:

That must be an incredible experience actually getting to study in Japan! How lucky! Total immersion! How is your Japanese now?
I’m currently taking a night class but it’s very slow going because most of my classmates don’t study between classes which is frustrating! There’s a languages degree I can do via correspondence with a university here in Australia (I work and therefore can’t study on campus) that has a requirement to study for one year in the country of the language you’re study. Still thinking about whether or not to do it!

There are good days and bad days, great aspects and not so great. I’m not fluent by any means but there are times where I feel like I’ve come so far and I can see the goal on the horizon finally. I’m currently taking an introduction to art class in Japanese so I can do things like that, but I would probably never try and take a philosophy class or something haha. I’ve gone to see the doctor here and done bank related things in Japanese so these types of things are within my grasp. But many things still trip me up and my vocabulary is still behind where I want it to be. I think by the end of the year, if I keep studying, I should be able to finally say I accomplished my goal and confidently tell people I speak two languages.


I got my first burn a couple days ago, if only it translated into my ability to speak Japanese.

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