First Burn! Sharing my progress ... is there a dedicated thread for this?

Apologise if there is indeed a dedicated black hole I should have posted that in :smiley: I am not super active on the community board (yet?) … but I hit this milestone today and wanted to get a feel if this is ‘normal’ … somehow I am surprised it took me 173 days (!) from beginning to burning my very first item today (川) as I also just leveled up to 25. (so much for all those emails telling me ‘first burn at 10’)

It has been a very very interesting road so far! WK hits all my OCD trigger points and I am surprised how much I can still squeeze into my head! (I am old!) I have seen the recommendations / warnings of ‘taking it slow’, but there is just such a sweet rush when level up is coming close.

Here’s a few things I am wondering (before I might buy the life time subscription come december) … what are some more ways to utilize WK for further cramming / repeats? I am envisioning some kind of fast flash card version per level, without the need to type everything in. Just self evaluate … typing is slowing me down most during regular study / review (but I am also aware this slow down time helps me to keep my focus on each word)

So far I am making screen prints of the collected Kanji per level, create a version with blurred out answers … and those I keep on my phone for some quick mind teaser when on the train (unless I am doing actual WK reviews :D)

Any other suggestions?


It depends on how fast you go. The faster you go with level ups, the higher level you will be when you get your first burn :slight_smile:


you could use the Item Inspector and ask it to list items per level and just work your way through them.

(It also has the ability to quiz yourself on the items on the screen, or all items in that selection.)

But, otherwise, it sounds like you might be more into Anki?

As for screens of kanji, @saibaneko wasn’t there a script that created those kanji wallpapers? :thinking: Not that it came with any functionality (like popups with info), but it kept track of which kanji you’ve learnt and your progress on them.


item inspector … need to look into that :smiley:

I am aware of anki, but so far have not really checked it out … are there easily available decks that match the WK levels?

ha, thank you! … that math was kinda clear to me … was just wondering if there is any other baseline number after how many days / weeks / months others had their first burn.

Yes, there are several. I’m not an Anki user, but perhaps search the forums to find out the latest deck, as there are constant additions of items to WK. :slight_smile:

Personally, Anki never felt as nice doing as WK. But, there are multiple other users of Anki here on WK, so you’ll be able to find lots of tips to make the most of it, just looking for threads on the topic. ^>^

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I think mine was around level 13.

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takes the API you can generate from your account

can change all the colours and make space for your icons as well.

i kept mine close to WK colours…


Very cool looking! Less legible than I remember for sure. :joy: