Yay! First burned items!

Yay! First burned items! Finally at level 22. The next step is done! Feels really good! Many thanks to the community. I always enjoy reading the advices, especially concerning reading material recommendations. Very helpful! Many nice people here.





That’s awesome! When was the first time you got something to enlightened?

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That’s great and all but I bet you haven’t reached my accuracy yet!


Aww that’s so nice, congrats!
I’ve been so slow at leveling up so I’ve burned nearly 900 items even though I’m only lvl 12. :joy::joy:

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Unfortunately I don’t remember anymore. But it didn’t take too long.

My accuracy was better at the first levels. But it’s still okay. Sometimes it’s really hard to do all reviews everyday beside a full time job. But I try my best.


Congrats. You’re going quite fast with high accuracy… I got a lot of burned items and not even level 10 and been here longer. You’re level 22 from pretty much November last year, with high level of accuracy.

I wish I could attain your accuracy and go as fast as you.

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Congratulations !

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I swear all of you are magicians for getting such high accuracy… I feel like I’m doing fine with 90% but some people just casually get 97% and say how “acc was better once” T_T

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It gets harder and harder to keep the accuracy. At least for me. But I think that’s normal. The meanings of the kanji are getting more abstract. And sometimes I struggle more with the English meaning than with the Japanese one. :grinning:

But WK is definitely great to improve the reading ability. It’s absolutely worth to keep on going although I must admit that it’s sometimes really hard to motivate myself.

No. It’s true. I expect it will decrease mich more in the future because I sometimes forget kanji I learned before and the combinations are getting more complex.

I think it was at level 7 for me

Nice one! I just got my first burns today too! Feels great haha


Congrats! You seem to level with the same pace.

Looks like it. I was slow on the first couple of levels but now I’m pretty consistent 7/8 day level up. You doing much outside of WaniKani?

At the moment primarily WK. Additionally some reading resources and grammar. My job is too time consuming to do much more beside WK. My goal at the moment is to finish WK to have a good base of vocabulary and kanji reading.

That sounds sensible. Well done on managing to balance it around a full time job! Hope it continues to go well for you

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Thank you! Wish you the same!

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