Finally made it to Level 9 - Huge milestone for me

Hi all - long time listener, first time poster!

After spending 1,088 days on Level 8, I finally hit Level 9 a few days ago! Yeah, I know, it’s not a super high number, but this is a huuuuuuuuuuuge milestone for me. Been on and off of Wanikani since 2013 - just could never find a groove with consistent study (hence the 3 year break on Level 8 lol).

But thanks to some life changes, I now have more free time, so I’m finally finally FINALLY able to prioritize studying kanji!!! When I saw the Level number change, I was SO excited! One of my goals for January was to escape Level 8 and I did it!!! I feel like I could cry :face_holding_back_tears:

I can already feel my memory and retention getting better. And learning new vocab is getting easier too!!! And isn’t it crazy how much you remember even after not studying for years??? While digging through my 550+ reviews, I was still burning some items :flushed: Ooo and I’m so excited to ascend past Level 10! Anyways, just wanted to share because I love studying Japanese and I’m glad I can finally seriously pursue this lifelong passion :face_holding_back_tears: One of my dreams is to take the JLPT and I feel like I’m back on the right track!

Thanks for reading and happy studies to you all!!! :sparkling_heart:


Yayy, nice job! It feels so satisfying to see the number move up after a long time. Best of luck in your learning!

Nice job! Tackling review backlogs is never fun and takes a lot of determination. おめでとう!

It really is. I’ve been doing SRS for years across a multitude of topics and it really is extremely impressive how effective it is at memorization. It’s not always easy to stick with it, but it unquestionably pays dividends. I’ve tested myself before where I had Anki quiz me on random cards I learned for university courses many years ago that I’ve never used since that time and haven’t otherwise seen for years and still had a recall of over 90% of them.

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Congrats!! Super exciting for you, good job! :tada:

Nice work! I actually think levels 1 - 10 are the hardest. And all the more coming back after a long break. Congrats on getting back in the saddle.