Level 7! (finally lol)

Finally made it to level 7! Took me an entire month to get through level 6 as you can see in my progress chart

I’m hoping to be able to start getting through levels a little faster now that I’ve finished classes for the summer (yay university finishing early - still have some exams tho rip). I know it’s not a race, but I want to get through a little bit faster than that. Don’t really have much else to say I suppose, apart from trying to do 10 lessons per day seems to work well and I’ve not gone over 100 apprentice items yet. Happy studying everyone!


Congrats! I wish I could download japanese directly into my brain, but WaniKani manages to make the process fun.
The durtle memes are funny too lol


Nice. I did level one a year or two ago and talked myself out of learning Japanese. Started back up again from scratch 40 days ago and am only on level 3, but I review everyday. So, remember that you are fast compared to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congrats! Just hit level 7 too and I definitely share your struggle of level6 taking really long time (25d for me), but I felt like it was actually the stuff from earlier levels that was dragging on because level7 material felt really easy as it unlocked along the way. I feel like the Kanji is starting to make more sense and I can somewhat already guess the meaning before it is explained.

Aside from the struggle with changing reading for “month”, I noticed that there is also a problem with the mnemonics using the “Bartender Moe” as a key because it is used both for もえ and おも readings, so you are never sure which one you are supposed to be using.

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Also…how do people get these progress charts?

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It is at wkstats.com/, you should create api key and then you can see your stats from wk


It also lets you know which JLPT and Joyo kanji you know as well as what percentage of commonly used kanji you know, which is very helpful when deciding when to start using supplementary materials.

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You know what doesn’t matter?

How long it takes you to level up.

What matters is that you are learning. Do it at your pace. Don’t feel shamed into feeling like you need to do a 7 day level up. If you have the time and capacity to speed up, then by all means, do so. Just don’t feel like you have some pace you have to keep with the crazy folks that want to be the WaniKani Kanji Master in the Shortest Amount of Time Ever. :wink:

Good luck with your studies, good luck with your learning, and if you ever feel like screaming, need someone to talk about your Japanese learning, or just want to do a poll, stop on by and keep checking in!


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