Finally level 60!


This is a great idea! I’ve seen youtubers speeding up a video they are commenting on in order to fool the algorithm not to demonetize their video. It never occured to me that I can use the same trick with JP youtubers (but instead slow it down) for my own benefit.

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Yup! And it’s pretty easy to do it! :stuck_out_tongue: takes 3 seconds ^^

Also, if you find a JP youtuber with English subtitles, that works even better because you can easily get to the meaning of it without having to do anything else. Kinda like “I don’t know this word” so you just activate the subtitles and here you have your meaning.

Go to Japan if possible. The best way to solve any problems with learning the language is getting out of your comfort zone. What are afraid of doing in Japanese? Write it down whenever you feel nervous about something. The best way to keep learning is making mistakes. Humble yourself and be open.

I am actually going to Japan this month :slight_smile:

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Enjoy :smiley:

I have joined… but I see no private forum category… Does it take a while for the forum to be aware?


Forums doesn’t seem to be syncing well with your level on the main site. I hit level 36 three days ago and it still hasn’t updated on the forums.

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BTW, how often do you rotate? Clockwise or counterclockwise or just set on a random number? Do you use a random number?

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I don’t rotate, ya’ll do!
I just randomly pick one on gravatar.

By the way, congrats on reaching 60.


Gratz on 60!!

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Hope i can get there!!

Wow that’s so great you got all the way up there! I’m just starting :smile:

I’ll be old enough to drink by the time I’m 60. Just putting that out there.


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Start having days where you can ONLY THINK in Japanese.

Good luck and omedetou

Finally, the sight I haven’t seen for a long time – 0/0; takes 9.4 days in Level 60; highest peak in 7 days: 109.

Not Denial Mode.

Now, I want my Golden Banner :angryviet:


Why dont you have that golden banner already? Sync problem?

Yes. Sync problem.

Please @viet, fix the level problem. Seems to happen to many.