Feels good to be back

I was on a good nearly 60 day study streak on wanikani and reached level 9 really quickly but then I had to start studying for my finals so I didn’t do any lessons and only did reviews for the past month…
That entire time I felt like I was being left behind because I was doing next to no Japanese learning :crying_cat_face: but now I’m just going to try harder than ever and enjoy myself!

Do you guys ever feel this way when you can’t study?


Welcome back! The fact that you kept your reviews up is fantastic, since you’re really drilling those words/kanji into your head without overloading with new material.

I know exactly what you mean, because I’m a “racer”; gotta complete every level as fast as possible. That’s pretty doable through about the first 15 levels, but as you get higher you are getting more and more “enlightened” and “burned” reviews popping in. PLUS, new material is harder for two reasons: (1) more complicated kanji to begin with, and (2) similar-looking kanji become more frequent. That means more mistakes, so more reviews. It can snowball if you’re at max pace.

So basically, don’t worry about losing a little time, as soon you will probably need to slow down a bit anyway. You’ll probably enjoy it more if you’re not getting 200+ reviews every day. You’ll also remember things better too.


I got to level 13 and then stopped for three years until today. I had to reset to level 1 since everything left my head completely. It’s great to see that you decided to continue, and don’t give up! The motivation can drop once you hit double digit levels, but that is why it is especially important to continue no matter what.

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