Yo I'm BACK!

In the last few momths, I missed two weeks of reviews and almost completely stopped doing them for almost a third of the year. Now I’m back and I’m gonna plow through them levels so damn FAST!

…Let’s make this a motivational story thread. Did you have to make a comeback to wanikani too? Tell us your story!


Yay welcome back!!
I took 7 or 8 months off during school last year because the workload was so heavy, came back and reset to level 40 (from 43) because I hadn’t learned those levels well enough. Now I’m back on track and up to level 44 so learning new stuff again! Feels great


Yes I came back to WaniKani after I graduated from university so I’m glad I can give it extra attention!


Bienvenido de vuelta

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Took a year off. Reset to 39 from 57 to study for N2.


We had a baby and I took 486 days off. (according to wkstats). Didn’t remember to use vacation mode. Came back to 2500 reviews :frowning:
Made it my goal to get that number down by 200 each day. After a few weeks it happened, ‘0’ Reviews! Woohooooo! At first it was disappointing because I used to get 90% or higher on review sessions. But after that long absence I was hovering around 70%. At least most of those were burns so that felt good.
That was level 28 in April. Going strong now!



I just came back as well. I started several months ago, and then stopped for a few months. Ended up resetting completely since my subscription had expired and I don’t currently have any money. (Also I couldn’t recognize anything so I just figured “why not reset”
I’m glad I did because I’m pretty much back to where I started in terms of reading kanji lol

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