I finally did it!

I’ve always seen posts about people stopping WaniKani, or taking a really long break. I always thought that would never happen to me because I did WaniKani reviews every day. THEN I went to college.

I didn’t think that college would be so… test focused. Rather than studying Japanese, I was studying math, and I haven’t used Wanikani since July. Anyways, now that I’m on winter break, I finished 1000+ reviews! Now, just 75 lessons left to go.

I just wanted to get this off of my chest. I hope you all well and happy holidays!


This happened to me twice. :pensive: luckily now I’m on winter break and catching up! Only 40 lessons to go! (But I’m almost leveled up and my apprentice items are at 10. 10!)


Congratulations on making a comeback!

Perhaps you can manage it if you slow down your pace? (Only 10 lessons a day/week?)


But there is a feature to pause your reviews if you go to a long Vacation, no? There is no need to let them pile up so much I think imo.

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wait whut?

Go to Settings > Account > Activate Vacation Mode :wink:

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wahahahahahaha so cute! xD

Omg I did it too. I didn’t think I would, but I’ve had almost no time for WaniKani until recently. I moved to Japan in September and I’ve been far too busy enjoying Japan or studying material for classes to focus on reviews. I definitely want to get back into it though because it helped me so much when I was dedicated to it. :+1: That being said, I think it’s totally fine to take breaks because sometimes you just need them. It can help refresh you.

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Damn, I need to explore Wanikani again~

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Congratulations on catching up! I fell off the bandwagon for over a year (probably closer to two years), between travel and work. I had placed my account on vacation mode, but when I came back I felt so rusty that I couldn’t make it through my reviews. I ended up dropping my own level so that I could step back into it without tormenting myself too much.

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You have stopped a long time ago?

yes, I think I joined WK december of 2016 or was it 2015. I’m still on level 15

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Nice comeback!

I thought the same thing when I started fall term this year, and quickly learned that 20 lessons a day and 150+ reviews was not sustainable. I reduced my lesson count to 5 a day on wk and 5 a day on anki and completely cut out my Genki studies. I would find breaks in-between classes to do my reviews, and finished it reluctantly in my room if I didn’t.

Though, despite me feeling proud that I kept moveing foward (even at a crawl), my motivation has definitely dropped. I leveled up every month or so, and since I cut out grammar, I didn’t feel like I was progressing at all. Now, during the break, I’m doing about 10 lessons on wk and 10 on anki, but haven’t done any grammar :\ .

If you’re having motivation issues right now, I would reccomend looking at the AJATT table of contents (pro tip: don’t look at anything else on the site).

Keep pushing forward! 頑張ってくださいね!

YAY! Congrats!!

Dunno, I love the grammar part when studying a language. Keeps me motivated. Maybe you should try to brush up on your japanese grammar every once in a while. Keeps you motivated :grin::grin:

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Yeah, grammar keeps me motivated as well! Recently, I haven’t looked at my notebook from Genki II, but I’ll get back to that in a few days. Thanks for the link!!


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