Recently came back from a over 3 year hiatus

Hi everyone. First post ever but I’m happy to be back here. I came back to about 1600 reviews after not doing WK for over 3 years. Despite feeling like I was crawling underwater through barbed wire, I managed to clear those reviews out in about 5-6 days! After studying abroad in Japan for half a year, and finishing Genki 2 I decided that I didn’t want to restart learning Japanese for a 4th time so I went and reactivated my subscription as well as starting my first ever online tutoring sessions (speaking practice).

I also totally forgot how quickly these reviews pile up–already 500 in one day, jeez.

Anyways, I’m glad to be back on the grind!


Welcome back! So great to read that you had the opportunity to study in Japan. Looking forward to seeing you continue your progress.

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Thank you! It was probably one of the best if not the best experiences I’ve had in my life so far, haha.

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1600 reviews! :scream:

Welcome back!


welcome back

I hope to be able to study in Japan too! All the best!
keep chugging along on those reviews!


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