Finally... A Golden Burn + Burn Updates

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more chatty with the Rowena-さん

Is it just me or does this seem similar to… you know what never mind :sweat_smile:

Ohs noes. Well, I am pretty sure you evaluated your situation well and have taken the best course of action. Please know that you have my support in these trying times.

Oof, many things raced to my mind when you said this (damn that tv show :sweat_smile: hahaha)
But at least you can look forward to a place that you have more space to interact with. Hopefully the proceedings will be brief and straightforward. Hopefully also, living accommodations for you will not be affected that much.

Oof (nummer zwei), My oh my. Many things were likely factored into this decision but this takes the cake as one of the top ones. I hope the industry you are targeting will get a quick bounce once the vaccines are released to the general public.
Oh my, you certainly have a lot going on. Please let me know if I can be of any help. Even just if you want/need someone to listen. :slightly_smiling_face: Times such as what they are now, we all need to support each other, even if just expressing solidarity, no?

Oh cool, did not realize we are about the same pace. Yeah roughly twice a month for me +/- a few days.

Once I hit 42 I am not sure if I can keep the pace. I have a ton of leeches right now and my apprentice is at 200+. I was thinking either slow down and manage this, or keep pushing through with my normal pace so I can get to 60 faster, and thus have more time for other aspects.

chit chat

Yeah, doesn’t it though! My spouse is a GP (and also the one who gave it to me, 'cause covering your mouth when you cough is apparently only for work, not home :roll_eyes:), so he had to get tested and it came back :crown: negative.

Thanks so much for the support - I’m doing well at the moment, but we’ll see how bruised my ego gets as the resounding silences following each application process mount! Unfortunately, my lack of experience in this country is a black mark against me - my last solid full time work was teaching in Japan. My degree was in Applied Linguistics, which allowed me to teach in schools and tertiary institutions in Canada, but in Australia, because my degree doesn’t have ‘Education’ in the title, I’m not able to do that without retraining.

The plan had been for a Master of Information Management (librarianship, archiving, records management) starting this coming March, but I’ve possibly thrown a huge spanner in the works there and I’ll have to see how the marital finances get settled.

I do feel overwhelmingly good about the future, and will do with my life as with WK - incremental changes leading to a big positive difference down the road :grin:

chatty chatty with the author of BiriBiriMonogatari

I could not come up with a cool username when I was new to WK. At the time I signed up, I just found this really nice Japanese restaurant with an actual Japanese chef. That was the first time I had sushi prepared by a Japanese chef. That was also the first time I was able to experience “real” toro nigirizushi. Oh my! What an experience.

So when I came back home, I could not get the thought of the o-toro and the chuu-toro nigiris I just had. So I was just playing around with words and came up with inspector of toro sushi. This was quite long so I shortened it to inspector toro but then it still was bulky so I decided to shorten inspector to inspecta, then added toro to become inspectatoro.

Looking back, I should have gone with insupekutatoro so that it is properly phoneticized. I may still do this though! :sweat_smile:

The other option is to just change it to insupekta. What do you think?


Chatty chatty with Tatoro san :slight_smile:


That’s a wonderful origin story Tatoro san :smiley: Thanks for sharing, I love it :slight_smile:

I thought the “Tatoro” came from “Totoro” (As in “My neighbor Totoro”)

I think your current name is Pretty :star_struck: It stands at the intersection of too easy and too difficult :slight_smile: The goldilocks zone :wink:

I thought the Inspector part of the name came up from the “Train Inspector” as your love for trains is well documented :grin: Every time you start talking about trains it reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” :slight_smile:


That factored in as well!


I made it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Saida-さん is so awesome! When I grow up, I just want to be like Saida-さん!


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chatty chatty with the 33rd iteration of Meeks


Looking forward to it! Hopefully my grammar get better too. :sweat_smile: It’s been WK-time all the time for me this year :open_mouth:

I figured as much! :laughing: However, I’d rather dispel it lest others assume something I am not. :wink:

I got those last year so my budget went to more stickers this time :heart_eyes:


Have you sped up a bit? Level 41 already! I’m set to be there in a couple days, so see you in the Paradise section!


I am not sure
I think there is something wrong with the train controls. Maybe it sped up by itself?

Ooooooooooooooooooo, I don’t believe it! Me and @Saida-さん would now be sharing a level! Oh my oh my oh my…



I’ve just burnt ‘to burn’ !

Needless to say, I’m mindblown


color explosion

Also, アイルランドは永遠に!

I know I know, google translate :roll_eyes:. It’s the thought that counts :slightly_smiling_face:

Éirinn go Brách



Thank you! Appreciate it

aww that’s alright. It’s been a long year. Im sure you’ll pick it up quick.
I’m just about to start Genki 2 myself so fingers crossed

YAS those stickers and even pins look great. Enjoy! Let everyone know of our undying allegiance to the Crabinator :crabigator:

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chatting with inspectatoro-さん!

A belated thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m taking my time with this level, because this month has been extra busy and tiring. :sleepy: But today, after a few weeks away, I finally turned off vacation mode and did my reviews! :white_check_mark:

Please feel free to practice your Português whenever you want :slightly_smiling_face:, no need to apologize at all! I have only a minor correction: it’s “a” instead of “la”. :wink:

And also, congratulations for all your burns and level ups! You’re powering through like a bullet train! :bullettrain_side: Parabéns!!! :smiley: As always, your enthusiasm is inspiring! :star_struck:



good job naruto


Hearty congratulations on becoming a DEVOTEE Tatoro san :grin:






Oh my! Is that a kitsunesenpai I spy with my train inspector eye?!?

welcome back

This is an EMD diesel-electric train (F9 model, F9 A+B to be exact) of a “fallen flag” railroad in the USA. If you are interested here are some historical photos: D&RGW F9A #5774 as well as Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad - Wikipedia for more information.

Here is a photo of the train as it is now:

Muito obrigado Senhora Windgreen!

This gif is so awesome…


You heard that here folks, RachelG is officially a 弁護士 specializing in patent and trademarks law!

Can I please schedule a consultation? I hope I am given the kis Crabbiness devotee discount/special rate…


Isn’t it a golden duck?

The burn happens when you get back to the dressing room. :slightly_smiling_face:

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