Finally... A Golden Burn + Burn Updates

Same. My apprentice hit 200 though and kept climbing. Figured I had to slow it down. Also, I kept seeing the same items go to guru and back down again. Add to that over 1000+ in guru, just thought I’d park in 42 for now and clean it up.



… I don’t know why but for some reason this sounds like being the answer, I think :innocent:

Nice to read you back in the forums. Take your time :four_leaf_clover:

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That’s not “great”. :pensive:

This is what my last level up did to me…what is a huge difference is the number in the Guru section really. That’s what giving me a hard time. It used to be around 600-700-ish. So, yeah, that really makes a difference. All my apprentice items are the last 2 levels. It’s like you double the number if you go at a 4 days leveling tempo as i’ve been doing. I used to have 70-140 during a full level. 140 = just did all my lessons. It’s clearly snowballing. But there are just 2 levels left…so, I’m riding this train to the end! :rofl: :bullettrain_side:

300 and 400 reviews are now not unusual. though not the norm. more like 270-ish is. So, that’s what this leveling tempo is giving me…

But this is going to turn into 170-ish as soon as I don’t level any more. Which is a number I’m quite fine with. :+1:

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Thank you for taking the train today, this your Minister Inspekuta of Railways appreciating your continued patronage of the rails.
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Good for you. I wish I can be in the same situation. Regardless, 42 is a nice place to be. I will take all the time to clean up my numbers for the final push to 60. There is just something frustrating in cycling through the same stuff over and over again and mistaking it for their lookalikes.

You are two levels away ekg-さん!!!

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If you are to get stuck at one level, lv 42 is pretty neat to stop on. Also as a serious answer, since it’s before the fast levels. Because those will escalate things if you don’t have a handle on your leeches and whatnot.

I mean, I worked on leeches for months up to that point. Still leveling, but I made a concerted effort since lv 30 to to get rid of at least 70 leeches. And yeah, apprentice numbers were good to go when I got to lv 42.

But, everyone’s journey is different. So, yeah, good luck with your leech squashing! XD I use the Shin Wanikani Leech trainer for the lookalike leeches. Those are my biggest issue as well. For sure. It’s really just about being patient with yourself and gradually get them, one by one.

So, good luck! ^^


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2700! Still parked at level 42 trying to clean up leeches. Apprentice is currently at 146, Guru at 978. Hoping to get this under control in the next few weeks, I tried days, instead of weeks, but these leeches are stubborn and damn persistent!

Hope everyone is doing well with their studies!
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let us all keep chugging along!

edit - special thank you to @plantron, who has been sneakily liking a lot of my posts. Even the ones from so very long ago. You are such an awesome human being and I would be honored to meet you one day.





Still dealing with leeches. Apprentice is at 124, Guru at 919. It is kinda hard to bring both down.
Nevertheless, we shall persist. Good news is that Master is climbing back up to the 780’s after being around 720’s for a good while.

keep chugging along with your lessons and reviews!


How are you Tatoro san?