Big Burns Celebration Thread! πŸ”₯🐒πŸ”₯


Since the original thread has been archived. Here’s a new thread to celebrate those big whoopin’ burns!

3000 BURNS WOO!!!:crocodile::crab::turtle::fire:

If you're having a hard time getting through WaniKani

Just hit that 4000 mark hurray!




Excellent work everyone! :smiley: My first burns won’t come up till… July? I think???


I predict you will burn your first turtles in less than two weeks.


My first burn is in 17 days, and I started Dec 31. It seems you started Dec 13, 18 days before me, so they should start arriving any day now for you.


… I misread some pages, it seems because uhh…



That may have been the most anxiety-inducing thing all day. OnO (but also, yey c: )


Did I say two weeks? I meant two minutes hahah


Well, this just happened:


I have waiting for this for a long time…


GRATZ on 4K! Wow that apprentice count XD


I’m getting close to my 1000 mark :3


Apprentice used to be 600, though.


Wow! You guys are amazing! @_@ :smiley:


I’m pretty happy at having crossed 4,000, even with all the mistakes I make. Taking a 1-year break really slowed me down, but I’m nicely on track.


Got my first hundo :smiley: not too big, but I’m happy enough about it :slight_smile:


500 kanji burned


300 radicals burned