Finally... A Golden Burn + Burn Updates

Woohoo! After 5 months and 25 days, I finally heard the burn bell!!!

First radical to be burnt golden was:

First kanji to burnt golden was:

I have yet to burn a vocabulary item but hopefully it happens soon!

Thank you for all the support from this wonderful community. Even though I have taken a back seat in the forums because of some changes in my life, I pressed on with my reviews even if I only do it once a day and despite setback days. Now 10 levels after (knock-knock-knocking on image’s door) and over a dozen burns image , I am only getting more motivation to continue. Hopefully I can be back soon and be a more active member of the forums. For now, I will try and visit when I can and hopefully contribute when I have a spare moment.

I have read here that level 10 is a good place to start doing grammar alongside WaniKani. I have the Genki 1 book and will be going over it as I do my reviews each day. Is it worth it to get the separate workbook? I have gone through some chapters of Genki 1 in the past when I signed up for Japanese classes for several months. The main book works for me but I am wondering if the workbook can help me further. I hope some of you can share your experience with the workbook and if it is a good value for money. Besides Genki 1, will this be enough or should I add something else to the routine? Any thoughts or comments will be much appreciated.

Special thank you to @rfindley and @Kumirei for the excellent userscripts. I installed them awhile back when I was feeling unmotivated (did not do reviews for 4 days straight) in the hope that I lose that feeling and be excited again for doing reviews. It did the trick so I thank you from the bottom of my bottoms-up heart :heart: !

Thank you all and let me leave you with this snippet I managed to catch a screenshot of before the streak of burn bells started:

Hope this is a sign of more kanji to “master” and eventually burn! :drooling_face:

:nerd_face: —inspectatoro :steam_locomotive: :bullettrain_front: :mountain_railway: :bullettrain_side:


Congratulations on your burns! I wish you the best of luck with the painful levels. Stay diligent!

The Genki workbooks will definitely help with reinforcing what you learn from the textbooks. Each individual Genki grammar point has its own page of practice problems in the workbook. At the end of each chapter there is also additional listening practice along with more questions in Japanese. The last section of the workbooks also has writing drill sheets for kana/kanji along with practice for using the kanji in sentences.

Overall, I believe that you should get more than enough practice with the concepts if you work through everything in the textbooks + workbooks thoroughly. You can also consider resources such as Bunpro, but I believe that site’s true value is for learning more advanced (and uncommon) grammar.

Side note: at level 10 you already know 231 out of the 317 kanji covered in Genki 1 and 2! Once you reach level 20 you will know 302/317 kanji, so keep up the good work!


Wait there a golden burns? I thought its over if i reach the black belt for a item?


I think it’s an addon that turns the color of burnt items to golden


A golden burn is what happens in cricket when you’re given out on the first ball you face.


Congrats. Burn reviews being added into the mix definitely takes things to the next level…


Isn’t a golden burn what happens after you visit a lady of the night?


Glad to see that I’m not the only one enjoying the Burn Bell script!

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It was quite a surprise when I heard it! Which I did not pay much attention to. But then of course I kept hearing it so I finally figured out what it was and I screamed in delight! I would not even have noticed if I did not hear your bells.

Thank you very much for the script. It has definitely made WaniKani more enjoyable for me.

Thank you very much! I promise to keep it up.

I know I read this somewhere in the forums and I am glad that you have confirmed this. Will try and get the workbook when I am at a Kinokuniya. Thank you for the recommendations. I will try them out in the coming months.

btw you are more than halfway in levels! I think congratulations is in order for you as well!

Ouch. That is not a good way to start a match.

Thank you! I have also looked into the API portion and installed the burn reviews so I can use them later.

Level 31! Congrats as well to you! Like @ivanlion, you are also more than halfway through!

Ahahahahaha. :laughing: And I will leave it at that. :nerd_face:


Got my first vocab burn!


Onwards to the Painful levels…

Wanikani has been a blast so far. Thank you all!


Keep going to burn them all

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Thank you for the encouragement and congratulations as you are almost out of the “Painful” levels!

:nerd_face: inspectatoro :steam_locomotive:

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Update: image



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Thanks @Haiena-さん. Now you just reminded me how poor my katakana skills are :sweat_smile:


A little over 500 burned on the last day of 2019! Hope 2020 will bring more burns!!! :upside_down_face:



Yes! I have burned the requisite number of :turtle: to honor the Queen of the Skies. And yes, it had to be a Japanese airline.

Here’s an ANA one in case you like the colorway better!



Who’s feeling lucky???



Just leveled up to 23 as well!

Was definitely stoked to see a :bullettrain_front: reference!
Oh my oh my oh my!!!