(FIGURED IT OUT!) Bug report, audio during reviews

So lately I’ve been having a pretty weird bug during my reviews.
Basically, sometimes, the last few milliseconds of an audio clip don’t play. Then, once I play another audio clip, those milliseconds play at the start. It’s not a big deal, but it’s certainly a deal.
Anyone else also having this?


I haven’t experienced this, but if you need to give feedback or get help, you should probably use the chat widget during reviews. The WK will help you out in real-time that way! :+1:

I have had audio clipping at the start/end of each clip sometimes. This seems to be browser specific and might be related to antivirus programs. It doesn’t seem to be a WK problem as it works on other devices/other software. I have never found a decent work around, so I eventually stopped using that combination of device and software for WK. :frowning:

I have not had the audio jump to another clip, but to theorize way above my knowledge, it sounds like something goes into some buffer in the audio system of your device, but the sound stops early, so you get a flush the next time sound is requested to clear the buffer. How you’d fix such a thing, I have no idea, but it feels like it would be on your end and not WK’s. Let’s hope someone else has had similar and can tell you what they did to fix it. :wink:

Yeah it seems to be a thing firefox does… I had it happen on the rest of the website

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I am terribly sorry. Turns out the problem was being caused by the sonarworks software I have on my Windows. I have created another profile where the software doesn’t act and the problem has dissipated. Please ignore this post.


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