Feature wish, send to the back of the pile

Ok, so I am aware that there are some scripts that handles this - at least indirectly and partly, and maybe there even is a dedicated script for this.

Anyhow, you know when you almost recognize a meaning or reading, it’s on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t pull it out. You can stop and think for a while but don’t want to interrupt your review pile flow. Instead you “give up” by entering something you know is wrong just to continue.

Instead, I would prefer to just save it for later by sending to the back of the review pile allowing me to focus on getting rid of some of the ones I’m more familiar with, partly to boost my confidence. Just like you do on a quiz, saving the hard ones for later that needs a little extra time effort. Sometimes it won’t help, sometimes it will.


Just FYI, Tsurukame has an “ask again later” and a skip button on iOS/macOS


Seconding this! TsuruKame is a great app. If you have an iPhone I highly recommend downloading it.


Thirding this, lol. I use Tsurukame since I do a lot of my reviews while I’m away from home, and it already has some handy features built-in like a “ask me again later” option for when you fail a review. I don’t think it affects the SRS if you use this option after getting a review wrong, and it’ll do pretty much what you’re asking for, and I think you can keep using it multiple times if it doesn’t send an item to the absolute end of the review pile.

But if you can’t or don’t want to use Tsurukame or any other third-party WK app, I can’t say I know of any script that can do this, but I wouldn’t doubt there’s one out there somewhere.


@MidnightSkies38 having thoroughly tested the “ask me again later” option I can say with full confidence that it does not effect the SRS level. And by thoroughly tested I mean mistyping the same vocab multiple times (stupid, difficult swipe keyboard).

I mainly do all my review by the computer as I have an office environment job, nor do I have an iPhone/apple device - so this isn’t really an option for me. Unfortunately.


There is, it’s called Wanikani Later Crabigator. :crabigator:


Thanks! I’ll check it out in an upcoming session!


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