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さすがAinz Kumireiさま


I want a super simple script: Fail all pending reviews. When I don’t get around to reviewing for a bit, they pile up and it’s crazy tough to get back to 0, when new ones keeps been added. I have started doing this as a workaround: review a bit, put myself into vacation mode so more don’t pile up, undo vacation mode when ready, review a bit… repeat. This is still annoying, as I know I’ll fail most of the reviews, so why not be able to just fail them all in one go.

I am so frustrated with it, that I keep on thinking of implementing it myself, but if someone can do it, that’ll be amazing!

I’d like a script for the lessons pages that shows the SRS level for each item and how close it is to progressing to the next level, even after you’ve Guru’d the item.

I like how the dashboard is, with the progress bar beneath the icons for the radical/kanji and would like to see the same sort of thing with items in previous levels.

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Immersion 日本語 Mode:

I’ve scoured all the possible extensions, and it really appears that there isn’t anything yet that would make Wanikani more “language immersive”

In other words, In reviews, for the banner to show/display/use "単語の意味、単語の読み方、漢字の意味、漢字の読み方、部首、” and for the dashboard to also be in Japanese as much as possible 復習とか、レッスンなど。。。

I think it would greatly help with getting and staying in a Japanese mindset.


I tried looking for something similar and failed to find one so I am sorry if there is something like this out there but:

I would really appreciate a simple “skip” button…

Essentially, I get really frustrated when a kanji is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember it right away and I make stupid mistakes out of impatience (i.e. I am on a roll and suddenly I have to stop for a vaguely familiar kanji that is on the tip of my tongue— get impatient that my roll was interrupted, get the answer wrong because I wanted to continue chipping away at my 100+ review pile and put down something I knew was wrong just so I could move on)

It would be useful to have a script that simply pushes that item (or items) to the end of the review pile so you can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes after going through the other items. I feel this would help me get through my reviews faster instead of holding me up throughout-- that way if by the time I get through to the end and I still can’t figure it out, at least I am at the end of the reviews.

Again, I am sorry if there is something like this already, but I can’t find one!


:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

I don’t know of such a script, so I created one for you:
WaniKani Later Crabigator
It adds a button “Later” to the right of the input box, which allows you to push the current review item to the end of the queue. It will reappear within the last 10 reviews. It probably won’t work if you use other reordering scripts – I haven’t tested this. The script is based on @seanblue’s WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews.


And by “based on” you mean you used it to figure out which jStorage keys were relevant? :slight_smile:

I used Reorder Ultimate as reference when I first built Lesson Filter, not to mention just digging through the WaniKani source code.

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Correct :smiley:
Well, I also mostly copied the function that you commented with // Mostly copied from WaniKani source code.

First I looked into Reorder Ultimate, but the code was too long to find the relevant parts quickly. So thanks for creating this script that helped me find what I need :slight_smile:


I use wanikani on my phone mostly and I constantly misspell kanji that I know accidentally (usually ones that were about to be burned) so a button that overrides the you got this wrong screen would be great. I know that this can become an easy way to cheat but I feel that most people using wanikani actually want to learn Japanese so I believe that the community could use this responsibly.

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AFAIK there isn’t a way to install userscripts onto a mobile browser.

You could download tsurukame if you’re on iOS (There are Android apps as well but I don’t know which ones are good), which does have a setting to expose the override button.

On Android you can do it through Firefox with Tampermonkey, but it’s not possible on iOS


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This is perfect! It’s exactly what I meant and what I needed. I was able to use it just fine with the “Review Order” script! Your script has already shown its effectiveness. I skipped a few kanji and when I came back to them I remembered them!!! BLESS :bowing_woman:.

Also I appreciate the witty title so much :grin:


Thanks, but I do use an Android phone. My friend told me about tsurukame and it looks amazing I just wish I could use it. I looked up Android apps but haven’t found a good one yet. If someone has a recommendation I would appreciate it

Flaming Durtles is hot stuff


I feel like this might be a bit of a dumb request, but I feel like an option (or script) that let’s you flip the language would be helpful. I. E. It gives you the English word and you have to type in the correct Kanji.

Personally, I am a very good visual learner, and so my ability to recall the translation/pronunciation when I see the Kanji is pretty solid; however, I’m much slower and struggle more to recall the kanji/pronunciation if prompted with the English. The comprehension feels like it only goes one way in my head.

I’m not sure if the solution is simply to use another study device, but it would be great if it was the same words in already learning in WK!

Script option is Self Study Quiz, which can do this no problem.
Website option is either Kaniwani or Kamesame


Omg thank you! Kaniwani is exactly what I was looking for, and it even looks like I used it before when I tried WK the first time around a few years ago. I guess I forgot it existed. :sweat_smile: Thank you!

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It would be useful to have some ‘presurrect’ button. It is ability to bring items to learning queue at will. Because if I encounter some new kanji word and want to learn it, then what I do now is that I copy the info from WK to Anki.

Oh, but it does! You need to go to the advanced settings and set the functionality of the special button


Thank you for letting me know that about flamingdurtles, this is so helpful. No more accidental mess ups on kanji that should be burned! WOOHOO!