Christmas wish list

There are a few user scripts I would love if they exist. Do any of you have any pointers to some that are already around and do the trick? Else I may need to get scripting …

1 - I reorder my reviews so the reading and meaning come together. It makes sure I don’t lose work if interupted. The downside is when I get one wrong and check it, I get asked again immediately so it only goes into short term memory and I forget it again. A reorder script that asks wrong items again later would be good

2 - Is there a script that allows you to mark difficult items during reviews and then do additional reviews of them?

3 - It would be great to have a script that lets you postpone a review when it comes up. I need to be in a good frame of mind for learning hard things that I forgot. But happy to zip through easy things when tired

Just click on the force refresh button after getting it wrong.

There’s a script that analyses which words are difficult for you and then allows you to review them, yes.

The best thing you can do is simply to not do the reviews when you’re tired. Another option would be to try and access WK throughout the day so that you don’t get huge amounts of new reviews at once.


Seconded. For now I just do sets of 10*, and as long as I’m still at 100% for the set, just refresh if I don’t feel like doing a given review. Of course this just makes me spend more time on reviews in the long run, since if the queue is long enough, my progress for in-review items may get lost.

*Of course doing sets of ten messes up the review summary ever since that’s been redone.

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Thank you @jprspereira for the pointers, especially the leech trainer script.

It turns out there is also a Wanikani Review Item Delay script in greasy fork which has the postpone feature I need. @swigder - maybe works for you too?

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